Organizations cannot afford to take a break from the constant evolution of AI. To keep up with its rapid advancements, it is crucial to have a flexible and adaptable AI strategy that can be continuously refined. Our approach involves experimenting, learning, and incorporating human psychology to ensure that our AI innovations are practical, resulting in transformative experiences. We partner with you to accelerate your AI transformation and strategy through the following services:

AI strategy and advisory services


AI advisory services

As AI's power and reach accelerate from automation to creation, we provide up-to-date best practices and designs for developing guardrails, policies, and governance, as well as AI Operating (AIOps) models. We offer design templates for AI Centers of Excellence, and help you envision, plan for, and accelerate your responsible AI journey with our portfolio of advisory and business consulting services.

AI strategy and roadmap

Our experienced consulting teams use CGI's Responsible Use of AI methodology and consulting framework to assist you in clarifying your goals and principles, identifying potential risks and solutions, and establishing the necessary technical, operational, and governance foundations. We evaluate your current strategies, architectures, and operations, and provide recommendations within 6-12 weeks, concentrating on specific AI use cases to ensure a rapid return on investment.

AI maturity assessment

Our Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive tool that evaluates your organization's current state across the value chain, exploring data management, guardrails and ethics, and technology platforms. With over 150 detailed capability statements, it provides an accurate baseline of where the organization stands and serves as a holistic starting point to build an AI-powered organization. Our platform manages the design, distribution, collection and analysis of the assessment and provides access to explore the findings in interactive tools.

AI design and build services


AI quick-look opportunity assessment

We will conduct a quick but thorough examination of your business processes and data landscape, with a focus on identifying opportunities for decision-making automation and content creation. Our collaborative approach includes a day-long, art-of-the-possible workshop to assess your AI and analytics capabilities, technology stack, and governance policies. Using CGI's technology-agnostic AI reference architecture, we will provide you with a prioritized list of AI opportunities based on their potential value, level of effort, and risk.

AI discovery and design sprint

During this sprint, we conduct a 1-3 week design workshop, facilitated by a team of experts from across our AI, business, process, and industry domains. The main objective of this workshop is to explore potential AI use cases. We will be using CGI's Value in Motion framework to evaluate your AI value chain. This evaluation will cover stakeholder alignment and AI vision, AI algorithms and models, training and execution data, and a proposal for a proof of value and minimum viable product (MVP). We will also consider other factors that are relevant to your specific case.

AI validation and value sprint

Once a promising new AI use case has been evaluated, this 4-6-week agile sprint develops an initial build or minimum viable product (MVP) solution. The approach includes storyboarding, decision design, data evaluation and prep, rapid prototyping an AI risk assessment and trusted automation/action design among other steps in the process.

AI engineering and production

Once we have achieved a successful POV or MVP, we employ our reliable agile development techniques to assist you in quickly constructing and expanding your AI solution in 8-16 weeks. With the help of CGI and/or partner platforms, accelerators, and a team of skilled, cross-industry professionals, your company can readily transition from MVPs to enterprise-scale production.

AI operations and solutions


AI-powered intelligent solutions
Our approach leverages established AI applications and ready-made solutions to help clients make optimal investment decisions. These include CGI PulseAI, hyper-automation, conversational AI, and a decision engine platform that enables clients to unlock the value of enterprise data and business processes for increased growth and efficiency.
AI operations

For organizations looking for ongoing AI operational support and improvement, our team works with you to establish and co-staff an AI Center of Excellence (COE) in charge of overseeing governance, a use case portfolio and the AI operation model, among other responsibilities. We leverage efforts in optimization, automation, compliance governance, and cost management to expand and accelerate value.

AI managed services

If you are looking for more support, we also offer a full-staffed expert team to provide managed services support (DataOps + AIOps + MLOps + CloudOps) for AI-driven sense and response decision and action solutions. Our team will manage and continuously improve your data management and sources, AI models, decision models, automation and solutions.

man coding on computer

Accelerate innovation with responsible AI

At CGI, we advocate a wide-eyed, practical, and human-centered approach to AI that enables organizations to embrace innovation with confidence. We use our skills in data science, machine learning, and technology engineering to create new insights, experiences, and business models powered by AI. Through a robust collaborative approach, we:

  • identify relevant ROI-driven use cases
  • develop solutions guided by strong ethical and trust principles
  • operationalize and scale AI
  • manage risks and regulatory compliance
  • adopt an agile approach that allows innovation and scaling to meet business goals

Innovative AI solutions

Through our AI LaunchPad framework, we work closely with your team to assess and explore opportunities and build proofs of concept (POCs) to bring the right AI solution for your organization’s goals. We apply our maturity model and AI adoption scale to pinpoint opportunities to apply technology wherever you are in your journey.

Quicker time to value

Our data scientists bring deep expertise and platforms to help you scale up quickly and deliver business value faster. Our proven industry use cases and models inspire confidence that return on investment is achievable.

Drive business innovation

Untap the potential of data with advanced analytics to create growth opportunities, enhance customer experience, and drive innovation.

Discover unrealized efficiencies

Realize increased performance and operating efficiency by harnessing an automated approach to data and data processing.


Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI?

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