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We deliver responsible and innovative AI solutions

Organizations looking to operationalize their R&D investments from the lab to the real-world turn to CGI. As a trusted partner, we help to demystify AI complexity and apply it practically to achieve business value and tangible results by:

  • Applying  deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to tailor AI solutions
  • Using a human-centric approach to automating complex business processes
  • Leverage comprehensive AI frameworks to kickstart, implement, and scale solutions that deliver on the promise of AI.

Why work with CGI AI solutions

CGI's global practice includes over 5,500 CGI experts in data and analytics solutions. Our team has successfully delivered thousands of data and analytics services for clients. We pair this expertise with:

Accelerators and Data models

CGI brings accelerators and reusable data models to enhance the value of AI solutions quickly. We bring proven models and best practices to solve client challenges. Our AI maturity framework assesses an organization’s ability to achieve business outcomes from AI. We work with stakeholders to understand the desired state of AI within the organization and the capabilities to focus on, with the goal of transforming the organization from being ad-hoc and tactical about AI to being strategic and optimized.

AI experience

CGI has expertise in delivering solutions across all major industries, including financial services, health and life sciences, manufacturing, utilities, and retail. Our global practice includes over 5,500 CGI experts in data and analytics solutions.

Academic and Partner ecosystem

We bring a robust global and local ecosystem of AI specialty and academic partners to our engagements. We offer best of breed tools to implement data analytics, automation, and AI solutions. We guide organizations to invest in the tools, technologies, teams, methods, and skills needed to create and deploy data science models that aide in decision making and drive value.

We deliver responsible and innovative AI solutions

We work closely with your team to understand your maturity level to bring the right solution for your organization’s goals. We apply our maturity model and AI adoption scale to pinpoint opportunities to apply technology wherever you are in your journey.

Quicker time to value

Our data scientists bring deep expertise and platforms to help you scale up quickly and deliver business value faster. Our proven industry use cases and models inspire confidence that return on investment is achievable.

Drive business innovation

Un-tap the potential of data with advanced analytics to create growth opportunities, enhance customer experience, and drive innovation. Our artificial intelligence solutions help you to act on digital insights and empower your organization for the future by enabling business agility and technology scalability.  

Discover unrealized efficiencies

Realize increased performance and operating efficiency by harnessing an automated approach to data and data processing through artificial intelligence.

Our core AI solutions

Kickstart AI

CGI helps organizations embark on their AI journey by bringing valuable experience navigating the options and ethics of using AI and organizational change. Through a collaborative workshop, we help you identify goals and use cases, understand opportunities using an AI maturity assessment, and develop a roadmap for the future.

Implement AI

We implement cutting-edge AI solutions that address people, optimized processes, and technology platforms. We bring competitive implementation expertise in data management, algorithms, organizational change, technology platforms, and governance.

Scale and manage AI

CGI supports your journey to manage and scale AL through solutions such as machine learning operations, performance monitoring, change management, and data stewardship to drive continuous improvements and deliver lasting business value. We help you to identify opportunities to strategically invest in expanding and maximizing your impact with AI.


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Early AI adoption

We start small, focusing on removing your data silos and creating centralized data storage, while prioritizing and building use cases to identify quick wins that will demonstrate value.

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Intermediate AI Implementation

We help you unlock ROI and recognize value by implementing data science best practices that help push models beyond the exploratory phase and into production with piloted deployments.

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Advanced AI Investment

As organizations begin to see success with AI, we provide guidance on investments in talent, automation, and innovation for continued growth. We help you strategically invest in expanding and scaling your AI impact.