Biotech/pharmaceutical projects completed for over 50 clients
Repeat engagements with life sciences clients
Global pharma companies are active clients

Inspection Readiness
eTMF transformation
Risk-based monitoring
Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)
Regulatory Information Management (RIM)


A team of consultants discuss different research and design operation transformation solutions for excellent client results.

R&D Operations Transformation

CGI supports the entire lifecycle of clinical development: from study planning through clinical study reporting, to regulatory submission and approval.

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Revenue Management Systems Integration
Financial Impact Analysis/Operational Reporting
Contract Analysis
Launch Excellence
Patient Support & Access Services
Customer Journey Mapping & Engagement


US Health Life Sciences Commercial Operations Excellence

Commercial Operations Excellence

CGI provides innovative solutions that maximize the impact of commercial operations to improve patient engagement and drive revenue growth.

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Laboratory Information Management
Quality Management Systems
Quality Document Management
Enterprise Platform Validation Services
Electronic Lab Notebooks


A pharmacist perform's a quality and manufacturing check to make sure all safety standards are being met.

Quality & Manufacturing Services

CGI empowers quality and manufacturing teams to realize competitive advantages increasing efficiency, safety standards, and reducing costs and time to market.

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Using automation to help improve patient and physician care and “flatten the curve”

Automate life sciences processes with UiPath

CGI helps life sciences companies become high-performing, compliant and digitally connected. With UiPath, we can take supply chain transformation to the next level, optimize finance, and support commercial operations of the future. Accelerate R&D innovation, improve employee engagement, and ensure compliance by automating your unique life sciences processes.

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