Shifting market dynamics are dictating how to best reach and engage patients through digital channels. We are witnessing in real-time the continuously evolving role of patients, healthcare systems, and many potential possibilities of policy and regulations that could continue to set new standards from product development to commercialization.


  • Maintaining growth is a key challenge for developed countries – innovation is critical
  • Business value and supply chains are reconfigured to react to de-globalization and technology advances
  • Economic inequality continues to influence policy


  • Consumers’ and citizens’ digital expectations increase & threaten intermediaries in multiple sectors
  • End-to-end digital value chains become essential
  • Sovereignty considerations continue to increase in importance

Social demographics

  • Aging population creates pressure on public systems
  • Equitable work-life opportunities and well-being for all generations becomes the expectation
  • Talent shortages persist and require technology advances and life-long learning approaches

CGI brings an end-to-end service to its life sciences clients. With our industry experts coupled with our technology capabilities, we aim to ensure our clients can deliver on their business imperatives and remain competitive while operating within regulatory constraints. Commercial operations are the front end of the value chain where patient and customer engagements are critical for the success of the therapy, and we have the centers of excellence in our proximity model to help our clients make that happen.


Large Pharma

  • Must modernize their operations and adopt an agile model if they are to sustain competitive position
  • Critical to have a robust pipeline for continued growth/off-set expiring patents
  • Assess and manage portfolio risks


Mid-size Pharma

  • Focus on growing core therapeutic areas
  • Continue to build marketing excellence in specialty areas
  • Match competencies and capacity to R&D projects
  • Assess and manage unmet medical needs portfolio


Small Biotech

  • Focus on growing therapeutic areas
  • Continue to build marketing excellence in therapeutic areas
  • Match competencies and capacity to R and D projects
  • Assess and manage unmet medical needs portfolio


people sitting around a table and looking at data

Commercial launch excellence

We partner with the mid size and emerging biotech's to enable purpose-built launch capabilities that enable strategy development, planning, and execution to deliver product launch vision.


people sitting around a table

Digital infrastructure services

We partner with clients across the stages of maturity to help them navigate and define fit for purpose enterprise roadmaps that will enable full-scale operations in time for the first product launch or scale/modernize in the case of large and mid-size companies to remain competitive.


doctor working with a patient

Digital patient engagement

We partner with clients to gain in-depth understanding of the customer experience — including when, where, what, and who should be guiding and impacting the patient experience — we inform and optimize the engagement strategy through HCD framework and digital solutions.