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ACAPS X for originations

With ACAPS X, you can tailor the lending experience across channels to deliver accurate, immediate decisions while limiting fraud, optimizing approval accuracy, and enhancing operational control.

CACS X for collections

As a part of CGI Credit Studio, CACS X is a comprehensive default management SaaS solution that delivers software, business processes and underlying IT in a single, cohesive suite.

CGI Accel360

CGI provides a fully-managed service for hyper-automation that includes RPA, optical character recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, low/no code apps and chatbots.

CGI Advantage® Case Management

CGI Advantage Case Management automates and transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service.

CGI Advantage® Collections Software

Proven business processes, state-of-the-art technology and managed services to support all aspects of debt management operations.

CGI Advantage® ERP

CGI Advantage ERP is a powerful combination of modern technology and integrated business applications that are specifically built for government use.

CGI Advantage® Human Resource Management Software

Streamline processes, improve decision support, empower employees and increase alignment of strategic HR with organizational goals.

CGI AgileEnergy360

U.S. exploration and production companies are focusing their IT priorities on becoming more agile and reducing the cost of operations to invest in change. CGI AgileEnergy360 strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to increase agility and savings.

CGI AgileIQ Suite

CGI AgileIQ Suite provides a tightly integrated set of tools that enable teams to define, build, test and deliver applications with unprecedented velocity, control and uncompromised quality.

CGI All Payments

CGI All Payments features a technology stack that assembles and integrates industry-leading products that fully complement our payments hub. With our deep expertise and industry knowledge embedded in the platform, CGI All Payments helps clients achieve their goals for payments today, and into the future, enabling the introduction of innovative services, faster processing, lower costs and greater transparency.

CGI Atlas360

CGI Atlas360 provides CRM and business process services in contact center environments where seamless integration is essential.

CGI Credit Studio

For lenders experiencing the stress and strain of digitization on legacy credit systems, CGI provides an innovative and flexible credit platform to future-proof your operations and keep pace with customer...

CGI Data2Diamonds

CGI’s Data2Diamonds brings vision, enterprise intelligence, engineering, and management to your organization’s data

CGI EngageHub

CGI EngageHub platform enables government and non-profit agencies to build, publish, and connect applications at speed, for any domain to better serve the public. Our platform provides state and local...

CGI Government Collections

Our collection solutions for state and local governments expedite collections of impaired accounts, resulting in improved revenue generation and customer service throughout your organization.

CGI IntelliMigrate360

CGI IntelliMigrate360 is a platform that leverages a high-performance data transformation engine, automation, artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, scalable cloud architecture and CGI’s proven migration methodology to provide document migration capabilities...

CGI Notify

CGI Notify has an intuitive interface for managing and sending alerts and messages to a customer base or workforce. Its powerful search capability makes finding contacts or groups quick and easy. Adding groups and individual members to notifications also is simple and fast.

CGI OnCue360

CGI OnCue360 is a mobile regulatory enforcement and field data collection solution that enables organizations to improve decision making and workforce productivity.

CGI OpenGrid Asset

CGI OpenGrid Asset offers proactive and predictive diagnostics to help identify asset issues before they arise, leading to unparalleled optimization.


CGI's distributed energy resources management solution helps you intelligently and safely manage and control various DERs to achieve operational and financial benefits.