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Extending asset life for peak operational performance

Embracing digitization is imperative for utilities to extract maximum value from assets, their history and a prediction of their future impact. CGI OpenGrid Asset offers proactive and predictive diagnostics to help identify asset issues before they arise, leading to unparalleled optimization through:

  • Prioritization of investments and intervention decisions
  • Optimal workflows based on the criticality and health of assets
  • Compliance adherence to meet safety and reliability regulations

Transform how assets perform

Offering advanced digital automation based on industry best practices, CGI OpenGrid Asset increases asset performance and reliability from acquisition to disposal, including the ability to:

  • Optimize life cycle costs by implementing strategies that can reduce operating expenses, minimize maintenance costs, and limit long-term capital expenditures
  • Implementing capital investment strategies that are optimized to enhance business value and proactively mitigate risks
  • Improve Operations and Maintenance (O&M) practices to increase compliance and safety
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Enhanced reliability

Proactively monitor and maintain your asset infrastructure, minimizing downtime and disruptions while ensuring a reliable and continuous service to customers.

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Optimal resource allocation

Strategically allocate resources to focus on high-priority assets and efficient maintenance strategies, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

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Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

Track compliance requirements, manage risks from asset failure and implement preventive measures to ensure regulatory compliance and public safety.

Advanced Asset Management
  • Revitalize asset life cycle management through a unified platform, simplifying compliance tracking, maintenance and risk.
  • Attain optimal efficiency of all asset types with enhanced visibility, control and automation of crucial information.
  • Construct exhaustive life cycle histories to evaluate cyclical maintenance, criticality, regulations and valuation.
Asset Investment Planning
  • Predict, propose, and prioritize asset maintenance, management and investment decisions.  
  • Perform sophisticated analyses of asset condition, risk, history and financials to shape capital investment strategies.
  • Leverage a comprehensive toolset to automate and support DIMP and TIMP decisions.
Vegetation Management
  • Reduce outages, wildfires and water quality concerns through risk mitigation.
  • Enhance right-of-way (ROW) access by addressing vegetation growth.
  • Integrate vegetation and asset models factoring in whole-life expenses.
  • Leverage analytics for robust risk assessment, mitigation planning and performance measurement.


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