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Transforming field operations for a true enterprise mobile enablement experience

The adoption of mobile technology can bring significant value to modernizing today's field operations model. Managing complex work types across a diversified mobile workforce, CGI OpenGrid Field gives service providers the ability to leverage:

  • Web-enabled technology for location- and connection-aware capabilities
  • Execution of all work, including construction, restoration, customer service and home appliance repair
  • Online/Offline capabilities ensure data integrity and uninterrupted operations in situations where network coverage is lacking


Delivering intelligent and collaborative service in the field

CGI OpenGrid Field helps service delivery organizations work smarter anytime, anywhere. Our solution offers your utility organization:

  • Instant and accurate customer, asset, and inventory information helps improve first-call resolution, fix ratios, and service quality
  • Bring Your Own Device flexibility and a zero-install footprint allows you to access and share operational data without device and hardware/software limitations
  • Web-based supervisory control of operational workgroups simplify work management tasks in decentralized environments


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person looking at data on a computer

Digital field operations

Gain instant communications with the back-office, customers and each other, resulting in an increase in productivity and focus on customer-centric priorities.

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Enterprise integration

Maximize the value of real-time integration to operational data and back-office systems for complete visibility of operational intelligence in the field.

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Field management insight

Leverage comprehensive data capture capabilities in the field for timesheet management, dynamic and historical business reporting.

3 million
work orders processed each year
mobile devices in operation daily
increase in resource productivity

Integrated ecosystem

Leverage existing interoperability with components of the CGI OpenGrid360 portfolio, including CGI OpenGrid EAM, CGI OpenGrid Network, and CGI OpenGrid Workforce.

Materials management

Gain field visibility to track vehicle inventories, and work order requirements, refine compatible unit estimates and streamline field inventory operations.

Mobile field supervision
Manage field resources and operations on the go with a collaborative web-based environment to monitor and track team activities.
Time reporting
Empower operational workgroups in the field with configurable access for tracking, recording, and managing timesheets of field activities.
Situational awareness
Maximize real-time situational awareness with dynamic geospatial displays and mapping to support vehicle tracking, workforce monitoring, and routing optimization.
Flexible deployment
Adopt a flexible and faster implementation approach with a device-agnostic and zero-install footprint to reduce IT and device management costs.
Fieldwork execution
Optimize short- and long-cycle activities including dispatching of compatible unit-based construction work with streamlined as-built reporting.
Disconnected operations
Empower technicians with offline support under various conditions for uninterrupted field operations, regardless of location, device or network coverage.
Flexible and configurable form design
Empower technicians with configurable dynamic data capture forms and containers for flexible data collection in the field.


Ready to learn more about CGI OpenGrid Field?

The adoption of mobile technology can bring significant value to modernizing today's field operations model. Connect with our team to learn how CGI OpenGrid Field can support modernization and help transform your field operations.