CGI Federal

Adapting to a rapidly changing world

We partner with the U.S. federal government to support a wide variety of organizations and unique missions, using our deep understanding of clients' goals to provide consultative insights and develop solutions for maximum results. As the federal government faces unprecedented challenges in the 21st century, we remain committed to enabling its success.
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Digital Transformation

Enabling mission achievement

We help federal agencies transform their operations—from discrete efforts to improve the efficiency of existing systems to leveraging multiple digital technologies to fundamentally change the way an agency carries out its mission. Digital transformation leads to a more effective, efficient and nimble federal agency.
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Federal Workforce of the Future

Preparing for what's ahead

We apply expertise in change management, data analysis, knowledge transfer, training and process redesign to empower federal leaders to overcome workforce challenges and achieve mission excellence.
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Federal Operational Excellence

Increasing efficiency and accountability

We partner with agencies to help them navigate budget pressures and rising citizen expectations through advancements in automation, accuracy, transparency, accountability and efficiency.
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Federal Citizen Engagement

Helping agencies meet rising customer expectations

The users of federal government services are taking the lead in defining what is valuable. We help agency leaders understand and meet customer needs.
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Protecting America’s Assets

Safeguarding the public trust

We empower agencies to enable transparent and accountable financial management, robust cybersecurity, greater knowledge management, detailed asset tracking and prevention of fraud waste and abuse.
cybersecurity protecting America's assets

Chart your agency's course with CGI Federal management consulting

Transformation is complex, with many potential pitfalls. Our experienced federal management consultants provide insight-driven guidance in business strategy, human-centered transformation and other key disciplines. We help you choose the best path for your transformation, and we work with you every step of the way.

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Driving the business of government: CGI's Momentum®


Momentum data analytics abstract

Agencies large and small, from all three branches of government, use Momentum® to deliver operational efficiencies, ensure data transparency and facilitate accountability. Learn more about the integrated solution built for the federal government that has become the industry standard for procurement, financials and budgeting.

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