Bringing the power of the Metaverse to solve mission challenges. 

CGI is helping agencies transform logistics and asset management systems and paving the way for future innovation.

As our nation’s largest government organization, the Department of Defense (DOD) safeguards the American way of life, deterring aggression across the globe and taking decisive action when called upon in defense of our nation.

To continuously improve force readiness and resiliency, the DOD turns to industry partners like CGI to optimize operations and support the needs of warfighters.

In a rapidly changing global landscape, the US military and its partners require effective training, advanced technologies and effective processes to enable the mission. CGI supports military branches and commands with specific expertise in defense logistics, field service engineering, training, and systems operations and modernization to deliver mission results. 

CGI honors the sacrifices made by military veterans and their families and values veterans' experience, leadership, dedication and work ethic. We support veterans and their families through various hiring and charitable initiatives to improve the quality of their lives as they transition from the military. Learn more here. 

military service member looking at a laptop