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 We help retailers navigate transformation with actionable insights and proven solutions

We're here to help retailers enhance end-to-end agility, empower employees and optimize resource allocation to deliver value and meet customer expectations. Through actionable insights and proven solutions across the retail value chain, our team helps you save resources to fund real transformation and drive results quicker. Our innovative services and solutions help you meet heightened customer expectations, offer personalized customer experiences, drive profitability and support growth. 

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A view of your supply chain from top to bottom, and everywhere in between

Need to accelerate digital transformation? Taking a fresh look at your supply chain management strategy is a great place to start. In partnership with the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute, CGI provides insights you can act on, helping organizations discover new ways to optimize their end-to-end supply chains and advance their digital transformation journeys.

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How can retail organizations accelerate their transformation to deliver on their brand promise while ensuring profitability and growth?

Adapting rapidly to change requires retailers to accelerate their digital transformation in a holistic manner that avoids hype and is grounded in proven, scalable customer-centric solutions. This paper explores the challenges and opportunities of being a retail organization in today’s digital age and offers actionable insights and recommendations to address eight critical issues facing retail organizations


CGI maintains a 15-year relationship, on average, with our top 10 retail, consumer and services clients.

Drive faster growth

As the pace of change speeds up, it has never been more crucial for retail organizations to understand customer expectations for best price, convenience, and product and service value.

Keep your brand promise

We help retail organizations accelerate their transformation to deliver on their brand promise while ensuring profitability and growth.


Supply chain optimization

As the adoption of digital technologies in manufacturing continues to move at a rapid pace, CGI’s 2,800 supply chain experts help clients drive business and IT optimization across the functional domains of the end-to-end supply chain.

Unified commerce

Emerging trends in consumer behavior are pushing retailers to reinvent themselves. We help clients adapt and thrive in this new world of retail by simplifying and enhancing the shopping experience across channels to increase sales and strengthen loyalty.

CGI Retail Suite

Our CGI Retail Suite is a powerful modular solution that is built using an open architecture approach, enabling retail organizations to rapidly adapt to new business realities. The solution enables retailers to increase their end-to-end agility - from supply to the end consumer.

Retail Agility and Innovation

We offer insights and recommendations for retail organizations to create differentiated value faster through relevant innovation, agility and cost reduction.

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