October 28, 2019 - CGI reintroduces its CGI Advantage enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, one of the most widely-adopted state and local government ERP technologies, now transformed with a mobile-first design that provides a simplified, unified and intuitive user experience.
Sourcing funds for initiatives is often a challenge for government. While the desire for citizen services continually grows, the appetite for new taxes and other sources of revenue can draw strong opposition. How are governments addressing this funding challenge? ...

CGI's U.S. public sector capabilities include:

  • Government IT solutions that deliver better, more transparent services

  • IT modernization to realize greater efficiency, agility and quality to pave the way for digital transformation

  • Deep expertise based on partnering with 46 states, 300 local governments and numerous federal agencies

  • Data management and analytics solutions for better decisions that lead to more efficient operations

  • Agile, cloud-enabled services that stand up quickly, with minimal or no capital investment

  • Robust cybersecurity capabilities to identify threats, strengthen resilience and make wise investments

  • Outcomes-based approach with a proven governance model that ensures healthy client relationships

  • Ability to address both short- and long-term needs, balancing today's financial realities with your vision for the future

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500 government ERP systems implemented
$6+ billion in additional revenue recovered by U.S. public sector tax and revenue clients