Increased transparency into
$25.5+ billion
of obligated recovery funds for Puerto Rico
Processed disbursement of
$3.2+ billion ​
in HUD CDBG-DR recovery funds for New Jersey

Disaster can come in many forms, and impact communities in a variety of ways. Disaster recovery can be equally unique and challenging. Whether you’re a government organization helping citizens rebuild after a tropical storm, or a business finding your way to growth after a global pandemic, making sure that you have the right solutions in place to recover quickly is a top priority.

CGI helps both governments and private organizations leverage digital technologies to build strategies and solutions that make the recovery process more manageable.

home after hurricane natural disaster

Disaster recovery for government

After a natural disaster event, the government’s response is measured by speed and accuracy. Faster delivery of recovery funds allows communities impacted by an event to quickly rebound, and accurate and consistent application of government policies and procedures help protect against the fraud, waste, and abuse that often accompanies large-scale grant programs - technology solutions can address both of these problems. For 13 years, CGI has supported recovery efforts for three of the largest natural disasters in U.S. history. We are an experienced, trusted partner to several U.S. states working to design and deploy the data management systems required for administering natural disaster recovery programs.  

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