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We enhance current solutions and develop the next generation of defense and national security logistics systems. Our team includes individuals who have served in the military and use their backgrounds in logistics, supply chain management, smart warehousing, technology modernization, and systems integration while applying Department of Defense, federal government, industry and CGI best practices. We offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of DOD mandates, policies and directives, including military services’ instructions that drive logistics, business processes and technology requirements
  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) experienced with ashore, afloat, undersea and expeditionary logistics, enterprise supply chain management and organizational change management
  • Agile workforce that continuously benchmarks organization and process management across DOD, military services, federal agencies and major industrial and IT centers
  • Innovative technology and sensors capture location, condition, status, and more, providing FIAR-compliant auditability while also enabling proactive decisions for logistics dilemmas
  • Business process reengineering that reduces staff allocation, cycle times and data integrity errors 
  • End-to-end supply-chain logistics systems implementation for prepositioning, from site surveys to systems management

Tracking military assets at the Marine Corps Platform Integration Center

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The Marine Corps’ single source of truth for pre-positioning asset visibility

In conducting military operations, understanding what assets are available and where they are is crucial. Pre-positioning assets requires that leaders be able to locate, track and utilize all of their resources in real time.

Modern warfare moves fast, so connecting combat personnel and their combat-ready equipment and supplies is a core mission necessity. Transforming the way each command manages its inventories, materiel distribution and asset visibility is vital to fulfilling its immediate mission. Equally important is ensuring that these assets can eventually be returned, maintained and/or replaced when necessary.

The Marine Corps Platform Integration Center (MCPIC) supports inventory tracking through digital tagging of mission-critical equipment, allowing system users to access real-time data by leveraging automated identification technology and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.


Solution benefits

  • System integration: Enable integration of existing business operations, from multiple disconnected and stovepiped systems 
  • Data analytics: Get data-driven insights to monitor the health and criticality of assets to optimize operations and significantly reduce costs 
  • Enterprise yard management: Allow clients to more efficiently utilize personnel and free up manpower for improved military warfighting output 
  • Automated inventory: Improve data quality and data trust for rapid, informed warfighting decision-making
  • Robotics and 3D warehousing: Decrease time to inventory from days to minutes, reducing manpower and operational delays
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