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The President's Management Agenda points the way to stronger safeguards over fraud, waste and abuse in healthcare.
In my first and second blog posts of this three-part series on robotic process automation (RPA) from a practitioner’s perspective, I wrote about how an enterprise strategy can make an...
CGI’s annual Momentum ® Day gathers hundreds users of our federal financial management solution suite to share best practices and learn about new technology and solution developments. It is a...
Embedded systems must be secure, reliable and scalable. CGI has developed some draft standards to help ensure they will be.
Digital transformation is well underway across the federal government and commercial industries—and the journey reveals complexities, new challenges and opportunities. The change management puzzle before organizations is how to modernize...

Improving economic forecasting with AI

digital insights practice CGI’s Digital Insights Practice

2018-11-26 Artificial intelligence has advanced the science of economic modeling to allow forecasting the potential effects of a large number of variables on the economy across multiple dimensions, in real time....

Collaboration as the key to meeting PMA goals: An Imagine Nation reflection

Gregg Mossburg Gregg Mossburg

2018-11-15 Collaboration enables solutions to problems that might otherwise be impossible to address adequately.

Imagine Nation ELC 2018: Observations from the floor

Michael hardy Michael Hardy

2018-11-15 Some highlights from ACT/IAC’s annual government/industry showcase.

Creating and nourishing a DevOps culture: key takeaways for agencies

Lisa Zellers Lisa Zellers

2018-10-16 DevOps is an effective method to enhance an organization’s ability to deliver value faster. However, it takes some changes of habit and attitude across all levels to truly cultivate the...

Virtual audit: How it works and why government might use it

digital insights practice CGI’s Digital Insights Practice

2018-10-12 Government agencies conduct audits for many reasons. Some are external, such as tax audits at the state or federal level or audits of agency processes, such as those carried out...