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Is AI the future of asset management?

Asset management is often associated with hands-on tasks such as issuing items from stock, performing maintenance or managing logistics. However, asset managers often spend more time analyzing data and asset...

Bob Barr, CGI Federal
Bob Barr

Ecosystem eats strategy for dinner


Developing a strategy is a highly individualized undertaking. Each agency, and even each component within an agency, has its own ecosystem that may or may not share elements with others.

Ratima Kataria, CGI Federal
Ratima Kataria

Data modernization: A journey, not a milestone


First in a series Using data as a strategic asset is perhaps one of the most pronounced and highest priorities for most federal agencies, acting as a great stimulus for...

Horace Blackman, CGI Federal
Horace Blackman

Aligning IT with agency mission: The CIO's role


IT employees may not always realize how their work contributes to their agencies' mission. The CIO has an important role to play in keeping mission front of mind.