The COVID-19 pandemic has made many things harder, including the quest of millions of American families and individuals for affordable, stable housing. People in need of housing already face tremendous...

Over the past few years, federal agencies have become more and more comfortable with Agile development methodology and related DevOps practices. Adopting these ideas means that the developers improve software...

IT ecosystems are becoming ever more complex, and technological approaches are diversifying to match them. We now live in an era in which solving one need can spawn half a...

How to strategically link government and commercial best practices to enhance mission value

Kimberley Langston, CGI Federal
Kimberley Langston

Government isn't a business. However, there are some commercial best practices that can make it easier for agencies to meet their goals.

Developing budgets in a complicated year

Shalini Madan Benson
Shalini Madan Benson

Budgeting seems like a straightforward task based on objective facts and figures, but in reality, impromptu conversation, informal meetings and face-to-face interactions influence choices.

Reinventing software development in federal IT

Bryan Hall CGI Federal
Bryan Hall

In the shifting world of federal IT, complicated recently by the global pandemic, federal agency IT shops are pressed to re-imagine processes and methodologies to maintain the performance standards of...

The three pillars: Assessing your cybersecurity posture

William Sterbinsky
William Sterbinsky

This month marks the 17th Annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with the theme: “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” It’s a good time to take a step back to assess your organization’s...

Shared services: Reinventing post-pandemic

Stephanie Mango
Stephanie Mango

The COVID-19 pandemic provides an inflection point--an opportunity to reframe and reinvent who we are, what we do, and most importantly, how we do it.