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You’re a new federal CIO. Now what?

If you become a chief information officer at a federal agency, you’ll be sworn in and shown to your office on your first day. You’ll meet the agency chief of...

Maryna Mahfoudhi, CGI Federal
Maryna Mahfoudhi

Five steps to keep open-source software secure


Nowadays, open-source components such as libraries, frameworks and other software modules dominate the enterprise. Free and open-source software (FOSS) serves as a fundamental building block for many technologies. Developers no...

Dave Fladung, CGI Federal
Dave Fladung

5 keys to demystify modernization decisions


The Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) process—part of CMMI Level 3—supports organizations in identifying options and selecting the best EA approach. A mature DAR process promotes objective, informed decision-making.