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Gary Jackson, CGI Federal
Gary Jackson

Data sharing: Playing for all the marbles


Mission readiness refers to an organization’s ability to understand, plan, program and fulfill core mission responsibilities, especially in the face of emerging threats and other major changes in circumstance. It...

Krystin Fakalata, CGI Federal
Krystin Fakalata

Four things to expect in a defense logistics partner


Managing logistics for any large Department of Defense organization is complicated, requiring managers to know the location of any asset any given time, whether in a warehouse, on a truck...

CGI building
Life at CGI

Jeffrey Polyak: Turning listening into action


Jeffrey Polyak Senior Vice President, Consulting Services National Security and Justice I came to CGI with the Sunflower merger in 2019, and have come to truly appreciate the culture here...

Pat Pendergast, CGI Federal
Pat Pendergast

Creating a culture of ownership around security


We spend millions on technology to address cyber threats, but just a pittance on what matters most. While technology plays an offensive role in our cyber profile, we cannot fully...