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headshot of Robert Turman
Robert Turman

How emerging technologies can aid refugees


The immigration processes can be confusing in the best of circumstances. For a refugee fleeing violence with little time to conduct research or prepare, and who may speak poor English...

headshot of Emma Gist
Emma Gist, Ph.D.

AI applied to Navy condition-based maintenance


Artificial intelligence technologies are maturing rapidly, and federal agencies are looking for opportunities to improve their operations using AI. Our Navy client partners are accumulating more data by volume than...

Chris Hetman, CGI Federal
Chris Hetman

Expanding asset visibility with 5G and the Metaverse


The Department of Defense constantly moves equipment worldwide. Gaining visibility into those assets to track their movement and know the location of any given item at any time requires extraordinarily...

Sourabh Pawar
Sourabh Pawar

Moving from data to insights with a data pipeline


The need for data-driven insights is nothing new. Organizations are still challenged, though, to derive meaningful insights from data across multiple systems, such as systems of record, managerial systems and...