Finding the big picture in a sea of data

The real power in data is not in any individual data point; it lies in combining of hundreds or thousands of data points from a wide array of sources, revealing...

Meet the new PMO—same as the old PMO?

U.S. federal agencies, like the private sector, have been adopting new Agile scaling frameworks and ways of working to make product development more responsive to evolving business and technical needs...

Five keys to data privacy

Even the best-defended organizations can sometimes fall victim to attack, so maintaining effective data privacy practices must be a top priority.

Hudson Sutherland
William H. "Hudson" Sutherland

Key considerations in choosing blockchain


It’s important to identify the tradeoffs and features of the various blockchain options available to your organization. There are several choices to make, and they can be difficult.

Amy Waxman CGI Federal
Amy Waxman

COVID-19 and the public housing crisis


The COVID-19 pandemic has made many things harder, including the quest of millions of American families and individuals for affordable, stable housing. People in need of housing already face tremendous...

Sangram Deshmukh CGI Federal
Sangram Deshmukh

Moving to SecDevOps: A primer


Over the past few years, federal agencies have become more and more comfortable with Agile development methodology and related DevOps practices. Adopting these ideas means that the developers improve software...