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It is important to move responsibly from experimentation to implementation, while delivering a high-value return on investment from new AI technologies. CGI’s “Responsible Use of AI” methodology and consulting framework addresses a wide range of potential risks and opportunities, ensuring that we deploy AI solutions on a solid and secure foundation. 

AI and Web 3.0: Welcome to the future

Technology’s evolution seems to have accelerated lately, with artificial intelligence and Web 3.0 breaking new ground.

For federal government agencies, these technologies may be intriguing, but they can also be bewildering. How could they help us do what we do? How should we be factoring them into our digital transformation strategy? How do we ensure they are secure?

Are they really ready for agency adoption, or is this merely hype?

In this episode of the CGI Federal Voices podcast, with host Pete Tseronis, CGI Federal's Victor Foulk breaks down AI's capabilities now, soon and further down the road. Applying his expertise and experience to the topic, Victor sorts myth from reality. Watch of YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 

Aisha Sikder, CGI
Dr. Aisha Sikder

Listen to "Education for an AI-driven workforce," an episode of ACT-IAC's The Buzz podcast. CGI's Aisha Sikder and Dr. Ioulia Rytikova, professor and associate chair for graduate programs at George Mason University, explore the ramifications of the emerging technology on education. 

Aisha manages the data analytics and artificial intelligence practice at CGI Federal. In this role she leads a team of data scientists and data engineers in developing data analytics products to enable data-driven decision making. She is also an adjunct professor at George Mason University in the Applied Information Technology Department. 

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