Digitizing your value chain

Creating an end-to-end digital value chain is not merely a technology initiative, but an organizational one that encompasses your mission, strategy, culture and operational models. CGI works with organizations across industries and around the globe to build modern digital value chains that accelerate value generation.

Disaster recovery: is your organization prepared?

Whether you are a government organization preparing and protecting your citizens from hurricanes or wildfires, or a business finding your way to growth after a global pandemic, making sure that you have the right solutions in place to recover quickly is a top priority.
natural disaster recovery workers building a home

Charting the path forward with resilience and adaptability

CGI leadership explores three organizational capabilities industry leaders will need to help navigate the business challenges caused by COVID-19
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Are you ready for innovation?

For decades, CGI’s professionals and consultants have been solving our clients’ challenges. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll be satisfied with where we – or our clients – have already been. Instead, let’s dream big and go there together. We’ll tap into our curiosity and sit together on the same side of the table with the challenge in front of us — to discover what's next.
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Agile Teams

Respond with business agility

Responding to crisis requires agility. Applying the principles of Lean Agile and DevOps in a virtual environment enables teams, large and small, to reprioritize work quickly.

Empowering Agile Teams

Grant Lifecycle Management

Manage public trust

As the CARES Act allocates billions of dollars, state and local governments need a centralized solution that streamlines the management of grant funds throughout the lifecycle. 

Grant life cycle management

virtual business process

Leverage a virtual workforce

Given the nature of the current environment, CGI’s ability to mobilize a virtual workforce can be an important and efficient tool to be leveraged through this transitional period.

Virtual Business Process Services

Workforce Solutions

We're ready for what's next

As enterprises endure rapid change, CGI is solving our clients’ most urgent workforce, proximity and remote-service challenges.

Leverage our onshore expertise

connecting with our communities

Connecting with our communities

Living and working in the communities of our clients gives CGI members a unique perspective and commitment.

Connect with CGI in your community

Careers at CGI U.S.

Building a company we’re proud of

We build more than just great technology solutions. We build trust, expertise and lasting partnerships with clients and members.

Be part of what we’re building