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Success isn't just about where you are going and how you will get there; it's about the partnerships you develop along the way. We're here to be relied upon as an insightful and resourceful partner in your ERP journey.






Scalable ERP solution for the public sector

CGI Advantage is purpose-built to support your robust public sector needs with relevant out-of-the-box functionality that ramps up quickly and a seamless, unified experience across core ERP components.





Unparalleled track record of success

Our approach helps you balance investments in legacy systems replacement with solutions that digitally transform operations at a pace that is manageable, affordable and minimizes risk.






A client community like no other

You’ll play an integral role in the evolution of the solution by sharing best practices that support collaboration and foster innovation across a community of your state and local peers.







An ERP solution
that works for you


Intuitive user experience

Human-centered approach and mobile-first design enhance the user experience, minimize training and meet accessibility requirements.

Unified, flexible, powerful

A purpose-built solution for complex public sector rules and requirements with robust analytics, automation and configuration to deliver a tailored experience that transforms the way you work.


The most stringent controls and NIST security standards along with intelligent monitoring tools and processes to safeguard your information.


Meets federal government requirements for compliance mandates and stays current with new or shifting legislative requirements.





Financial Management

Increase efficiencies, provide real-time access to departmental budgets and enable effective control of financial resources.  

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Human Resource Management

Streamline processes, improve decision support, empower employees and increase alignment of strategic HR with organizational goals. 

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Performance Budgeting

Achieve measurable results through access to real-time information for improved analysis, funding decisions and performance measurement. 

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Transform the end-to-end purchasing process with solicitation management, contract administration, e-commerce and vendor management.

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Case Management

Improve efficiency and customer service with contracts management, grievance and incident management and discipline management.  

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Significantly increase debt recovery while minimizing upfront investment.


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