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For organizations looking to increase the value of their ERP, CGI Advantage is built on best practices from four decades of experience in implementing enterprise-level, mission-critical systems providing expertise and insight to drive innovation and create value for millions of citizens.

User friendly and intuitive

Featuring human-centered design approaches and a role-based mental model that enhances the user-experience, requires minimal training and increases productivity and return on investment 


Providing embedded analytics that empower users to make the right decisions faster as they perform tasks


Promoting seamless access across core ERP components, facilitating audits utilizing a single source that promotes transparency


Offering a configurable role-based user experience that streamlines engagement and is tailored to the individual, both for daily and occasional users alike


Supporting complex payroll and labor cost distribution mandates


Allowing users to make decisions on the go through a mobile-first design that travels with them from desktop to tablet to mobile throughout their day


Working closely with international security associations and standards bodies to deliver security that is baked in, not bolted on


Meeting federal government requirements for compliance mandates


Abstract of an advantage wheel which elaborates on the many benefits of CGI Advantage ERP.
“CGI has proven to be a trusted partner for us as we continue to use technology to improve the lives of residents, businesses and visitors across the City of Los Angeles.”

— Ted Ross, CIO, City Of Los Angeles