Efficiency, accountability, and transparency are top priorities in public sector procurement. Governments need a solution that increases buying power, streamlines processes and fuels greater decision-making.

Designed exclusively for the unique business of government, CGI Advantage Procurement transforms the end-to-end purchasing process for procurement professionals, vendors and requestors. Its configurable features include solicitation management, contract administration, e-commerce and vendor management. In addition, self-service capabilities allow vendors to:

  • Manage accounts
  • Review and participate in solicitations
  • Upload electronic catalogs
  • Submit online invoices
  • View financial transaction histories
  • Access to information 24/7


CGI Advantage Procurement is fully integrated with CGI Advantage Financial Management to support the complete procure-to-pay cycle and provide real-time budget validation and posting.

CGI Advantage Procurement supports the entire purchasing life cycle—from submitting a requisition to conducting and evaluating a bid, creating awards, issuing payments, and facilitating contract management activities. CGI Advantage Procurement benefits:

  • Reduce costs by automating routine spending, consolidating purchasing and creating larger cooperative purchasing opportunities
  • Increase spending under management and reduce maverick spending via mandatory source contracts
  • Level the playing field for small and disadvantaged businesses
  • Expanded competition that levels the playing field for small and disadvantaged businesses
  • Simplify end-user shopping from electronic catalogs and other sources of supply
  • Define key performance indicators to improve process efficiencies and lower costs
  • Decrease vendor support via self-service options
  • Incorporate rules-based approval and automated workflow to control spending while reducing cycle times