Promoting procurement efficiency, accountability and transparency is a top priority for state and local governments. However, too many governments remain strapped to procurement systems that stovepipe the process and rely on manual and other inefficient processes.

Designed exclusively for the unique business of government, the web-based CGI Advantage Procurement solution transforms the end-to-end purchasing process for procurement professionals, vendors and requestors. Its configurable features include solicitation management, contract administration, e-commerce and vendor management. In addition, self-service capabilities allow vendors to manage their accounts, review and participate in solicitations, upload electronic catalogs, submit online invoices and view financial transaction histories. Mobile procurement capabilities allow access to information anytime, anywhere.

As part of the CGI Advantage ERP solution suite, CGI Advantage Procurement is fully integrated with CGI Advantage Financial Management to support the complete procure-to-pay cycle and provide real-time budget validation and posting.

CGI Advantage supports the entire lifecycle of a purchase—from a department submitting a requisition to conducting and evaluating a bid, from creating awards to issuing payments and facilitating contract management activities. Government organizations using CGI Advantage Procurement benefit from:

  • Reduced costs by automating routine spending, consolidating purchasing and creating larger cooperative purchasing opportunities
  • Increased spending under management and reduced maverick spending via mandatory source contracts
  • Expanded competition that levels the playing field for small and disadvantaged businesses
  • Simplified end-user shopping from electronic catalogs and other sources of supplies
  • Well-defined and monitored key performance indicators to improve process efficiencies and lower costs
  • Decreased vendor support requirements via self-service options, including access to financial transaction history and invoice submission