cloud security concept

Cloud security

Stringent cloud security measures from a federal cloud pioneer

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Application security

Reducing risk at the application level

cgi insider threat program

Insider threat program

Focusing on cultural and behavioral change

Flexible managed security services

Organizations want to know they have the right infrastructure in place to meet their security needs and be compliant with industry requirements. CGI provides clients with the expertise and capabilities required to implement and operate highly secure infrastructures. We have invested heavily in establishing our credentials, working closely with international security associations and standards bodies.

government cyber breach control room

Deep experience in complex environments

CGI experts work in high-intensity engagements with U.S. military and intelligence nerve centers and high-profile multi-national defense programs, successfully defending U.S. government networks, critical infrastructure and corporate intellectual property. We customize business aligned solutions and services to protect your brand, assets, clients, data and trust relationships resulting in reduced risks, balanced investment and confidence.