Prabhakar Kanapala, CGI Federal
Prabhakar Kanapala

Balancing Agile and cybersecurity implementation


Agile development and integrated software security might seem like natural counterparts. However, there are ways to integrate them into a single secure Agile process.

Pat Pendergast, CGI Federal
Pat Pendergast

Creating a culture of ownership around security


We spend millions on technology to address cyber threats, but just a pittance on what matters most. While technology plays an offensive role in our cyber profile, we cannot fully...

Gurmeet Singh, CGI Federal
Gurmeet Singh

Trust no one: The power of zero trust architecture


Zero trust architecture becomes a journey to a broader strategy for modern security. Rapid digital transformation engenders a complex, evolving environment. ZTA protects employees, devices, apps and data wherever they...

Todd Schryer, CGI Federal
Todd Schryer

Leaping hurdles in CDM


How changes to the CDM dashboard's architecture made data much more useful.

Maryna Mahfoudhi, CGI Federal
Maryna Mahfoudhi

Five steps to keep open-source software secure


Nowadays, open-source components such as libraries, frameworks and other software modules dominate the enterprise. Free and open-source software (FOSS) serves as a fundamental building block for many technologies. Developers no...