Sourabh Pawar
Sourabh Pawar

Moving from data to insights with a data pipeline


The need for data-driven insights is nothing new. Organizations are still challenged, though, to derive meaningful insights from data across multiple systems, such as systems of record, managerial systems and...

Lidija Salvaggio, CGI Federal
Lidija Salvaggio

Software bill of materials: What you need to know


Cybersecurity is an endlessly challenging topic, and recently, the software supply chain has proven to be vulnerable. Executive Order 14028, which President Biden signed in May 2021, sets out a...

Paresh Patel of CGI Federal
Paresh Patel

Maneuverability: The next phase in cybersecurity


For decades, federal agencies and other organizations have improved their responses to ever-more sophisticated and aggressive cybersecurity threats in essentially the same way. They use blocking and tackling, or more...

David Crawford, CGI Federal
David Crawford

How CDM concepts can aid a zero trust transition


The CDM program was not initially established as a zero trust solution. However, CDM provides some foundational elements that align directly with risk management and zero trust efforts.

Prabhakar Kanapala, CGI Federal
Prabhakar Kanapala

Balancing Agile and cybersecurity implementation


Agile development and integrated software security might seem like natural counterparts. However, there are ways to integrate them into a single secure Agile process.

Pat Pendergast, CGI Federal
Pat Pendergast

Creating a culture of ownership around security


We spend millions on technology to address cyber threats, but just a pittance on what matters most. While technology plays an offensive role in our cyber profile, we cannot fully...