Trust no one: The power of zero trust architecture

Zero trust architecture becomes a journey to a broader strategy for modern security. Rapid digital transformation engenders a complex, evolving environment. ZTA protects employees, devices, apps and data wherever they...

Five steps to keep open-source software secure

Nowadays, open-source components such as libraries, frameworks and other software modules dominate the enterprise. Free and open-source software (FOSS) serves as a fundamental building block for many technologies. Developers no...

Chandra Akinapalli, CGI
Chandra Akinapalli

Five keys to data privacy


Even the best-defended organizations can sometimes fall victim to attack, so maintaining effective data privacy practices must be a top priority.

Sangram Deshmukh CGI Federal
Sangram Deshmukh

Moving to SecDevOps: A primer


Over the past few years, federal agencies have become more and more comfortable with Agile development methodology and related DevOps practices. Adopting these ideas means that the developers improve software...