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Configurable and flexible case management solution to meet the unique needs of HHS agencies

CGI Transcend kick-starts your digital transformation, reduces total cost of ownership and allows agencies to drive value and promote connectivity across the enterprise. CGI Transcend is a modular, cloud-native solution powered by Salesforce, leveraging Snowflake data platforming and Mulesoft integration services. Our turn-key platform enables the deployment of discrete business services with less risk and faster implementations.

By leveraging the power of platforms and purpose-built solutions, clients should rely on a strategic partner to manage their IT and modernization initiatives so they can focus on business impact – equitably improving outcomes for children and families.

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Reimagining case management software to improve outcomes for children and families

Unlike other providers, CGI has an established track record for delivery with over 25 years of experience partnering with states on child welfare and child support modernization efforts. As a pioneer in the industry, we’ve reimagined the possibilities, applied our know-how and invested in our shared success to bring clients lasting solutions for the families they serve.

As the industry’s first purpose-built solution built from the ground up, utilizing native Salesforce out-of-the-box features and functions, CGI Transcend supports caseworkers through low code, no code configuration and streamlined workflows based on user-centered design. Workload efficiencies are promoted through advanced data analytics, AI and ML, and user-centered mobility.                                                 


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Ease the burden of legacy systems

Simplify and modernize infrastructure to enable digitization, adapt to regulatory mandates and scale to handle increased volume.

Accelerate transformation

CGI Transcend enhances program-specific outcomes through low code, no code configuration, streamlined workflows based on human-centered design, workload efficiencies through advanced data analytics and user-centered mobility supporting service delivery.

Integrate seamlessly

CGI Transcend integrates seamlessly with external sources and helps agencies harness their data to make more informed decisions about evolving citizen services and operations.

Address bias and data equity

The platform captures race, ethnicity, and language data, improves workflow efficiencies, provides real-time data and analytics, and enables you to address bias and equitably improve outcomes.

Ready to learn how CGI Transcend is transforming health and human services?

CGI Transcend supports caseworkers through low code, no code configuration and streamlined workflows based on user-centered design. Learn more about our innovative case management solution by connecting with our team.