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The only modern solution for global secure data sharing

CGI TrustedFabric brings a new perspective on data sharing. It is not centered on a fixed data warehouse framework. Rather, our solution enhances your existing technical infrastructure by enabling data sharing using a secured, flexible federated or "consortium federated" based solution where the data owner maintains control. CGI TrustedFabric allows data to flow securely across various entities and is purpose-built to address the critical tenets required for effective and trusted data-sharing to drive interoperability across complex organizations while protecting data owners and, more importantly, the privacy of the data subjects. 

CGI TrustedFabric is a patent pending solution (US17890940) and a registered trademark of CGI Inc or its related companies.

CGI is a leader in providing innovative business and technology solutions to our valued clients. As a trusted partner, we sit at the table with leaders and fortify solutions that enable the transformation of the data-sharing ecosystem. By streamlining processes and optimizing IT operations across the enterprise, we help clients reach new customer experience heights and drive major IT transformations that increase profit and growth.

Our proprietary, cloud-based blockchain solution, CGI TrustedFabric, provides organizations with secure storage of highly sensitive data and is helping organizations find innovative solutions to global challenges, including partnering with the European Space Agency to develop a cloud-based Universal Virtual Flight Data Recorder.


Solution you can trust

CGI TrustedFabric gives participants the option to opt-in and maintain full ownership of their data through our consortium-based solution. Consortium federated is the perfect middle ground between decentralized and fully controlled data sharing, giving you all the benefits of transparency without compromising security.

Reduce data movement through interoperability

Unify data silos by implementing a solution that mitigates the need for investing millions in new systems and gives adopters the flexibility to share data externally without the constraints of complicated data warehouses or third-party centralized authorities. CGI TrustedFabric reduces the movement of unwanted or unneeded information through cutting-edge patent-pending privacy-enhancing software. Compute locally without moving details, and when necessary, move only what is needed, removing the need to make redundant copies in additional data stores, which become stale over time. 

The art of the possible

Unlock the art of the possible for organizational outcomes by allowing for unlimited expansion to additional data sources. Our solution strives to create a data-sharing ecosystem while maintaining the highest standard of access control and security through several unique capabilities.

Data sharing

Multi-directional data sharing based on consensus, contract, and data governance agreements between trade partners and enforced automatically within the solution itself.

Data access management

Protect the data you send to other organizations, and help your organization apply access controls to your internal data and data received from external organizations.

Privacy-enhancing technology

To protect sensitive information, cement better privacy practices, and enhance digital trust for the owner and subject.

Reporting and verification

Limit the movement of data by accomplishing the function where the data rests.

Longitude in data

Assemble data ‘information’ by creating associations across silos and across organizations.