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Forbes selects CGI as one of America's best management consulting firms

For the second year in a row, Forbes has selected CGI for it's America's Best Management Consulting Firms lists. The ranking recognizes CGI’s end-to-end capabilities and ongoing successes in delivering business and strategic IT consulting services to commercial and public sector clients. Business leaders rely on Forbes’ annual list to help them evaluate management consulting firms as the demand for consulting services continues to rise across sectors. 

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Creating a path for future growth and sustainable value

Over the past four decades, CGI has grown into one of the world’s largest systems integration and management consulting companies. In rapidly changing times, we help federal agencies solve mission-critical business challenges, design the plan for and implement the transformation to their desired state, and leverage emerging technologies and data insights, enabling an agile approach for future growth and sustainable value.


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As dedicated federal management consultants, we work with you to unleash your full potential and achieve your ambitions across the following key areas:

Business strategy

Business strategy

We deliver actionable insight and tangible experience to help federal leaders design their operating model and drive faster insight-driven decision-making.


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With today’s fast-changing business and societal paradigm, traditional predict-and-plan strategic approaches fail to identify upcoming market opportunities at speed and scale. Federal agencies need to successfully bridge long-term consistent government objectives with the ability to quickly adapt as scenarios change. Our federal management consultants help federal leaders define and execute a purpose-driven strategy to respond to change and build long-term financial, customer, human and societal value.

We deliver actionable insight and tangible experience to help federal leaders design their operating model (structure, governance, culture and management practices) to be more responsive to external signals (customer, social, economic, environmental, technology, etc.). We also enable them to drive faster insight-driven decision-making to enhance citizen engagement.

Bringing creative, holistic and yet pragmatic thinking, we collaborate with our clients to take bold steps and proactively address disruption, harnessing the potential of technology to help them effectively execute on their mission and objectives.

Customer value and operational excellence

Customer value and operational excellence

We help you transition to a customer- and citizen-centric agency and culture, driving operational excellence throughout federal operations.


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Our federal team helps you transition to a customer-centric federal agency and culture, create meaningful customer experiences and drive sustainable outcomes. With in-depth knowledge and government experience, our management consultants help you capture market opportunities, understand customer expectations and behaviors, and design personalized, relevant and trustful customer people, processes and systems—both digital and physical. To make your promises a reality and focus your investment where it matters, we help you design and implement digitally enabled federal capabilities.

Successful customer-centric transformation starts with a holistic approach to operational excellence that creates value across the agency. We believe a superior end-to-end experience is not possible without operational excellence in every part of your value chain. Taking full advantage of data and technology, our federal team works with you to design and implement reliable, resilient, flexible and cost-efficient production and supply chain processes, as well as optimal support functions.

Human-centered transformation

Human-centered transformation

Charting the path for a positive transformation, we help you energize your talents and drive federal workforce engagement and productivity.


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Federal organizational design involves more than just people, processes and systems. It’s about creating a safe and positive environment that stimulates human connections within the organization, fosters new ways of working and innovation, and aligns purpose, strategy, and culture with a superior employee experience. Our professionals leverage human-centered design and cultural transformation approaches to empower your people and create adaptive and digital-ready federal agencies. Charting the path for a positive transformation, we help you energize your talents and drive federal workforce engagement and productivity through people-centric leadership activation and change management processes.

Digital leadership and CIO agenda

Digital leadership and CIO agenda

We help you assess your digital velocity, energize your technical innovation and build a responsible, secure path toward IT leadership.


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While achieving results from digitization strategies has accelerated year-over-year based on the findings of our annual Voice of Our Clients program, challenges remain, as 80% of Federal Sr. executives do not feel their strategies are producing results. In examining insights from the 20% who are achieving results as digital and IT leaders, some common attributes emerge. Digital and strategic IT leaders collaborate and innovate more (both inside and outside the organization) and achieve closer alignment between business and IT while embedding cybersecurity, privacy and sustainability into their culture and activities.

We collaborate closely with you to strengthen your ability to drive actionable innovation that truly transforms your agency and operations. Bridging the old and the new, avoiding hype and simplifying the accumulation of standalone digital IT initiatives, we help you assess your digital velocity, energize your innovation and build a responsible path toward digital and strategic IT leadership. We also help federal CIOs embrace their journey toward becoming superlative IT agencies and transforming their technology and security investments into competitive results.

Our federal management consulting differentiators accelerate the journey to your desired state. We help you choose the best path for your transformation, and we work with you every step of the way.

In-depth industry knowledge and experience

Our federal management consultants understand your unique market opportunities and collaborate closely with you to design a meaningful strategy that combines your long-term objectives with agile decision-making and mission-driven action. We support almost every cabinet-level agency, and we help you to solve your agency challenges and achieve your organization goals.

Trusted partnership

As trusted advisors, we provide the business insight, leadership and innovation required to help you build a human-centered federal organization that holistically integrates business, technology and culture to drive your performance. We collaborate with you to ideate, iterate and implement at every stage of your transformation journey.

Close collaboration

We work side-by-side with you to understand and unlock the full potential of your agency and talent. Our federal management consultants help you to design and build flexible and resilient operating models proven in other federal agencies, public sector entities and commercial customers. We also deliver mission-critical change management that enables adoption of your digital transformation and IT success.

End-to-end capabilities

Taking full advantage of our end-to-end capabilities, we help decision-makers decipher emerging technology trends, drive actionable innovation and become digital and IT leaders.

Financial management

We partner with federal CFOs to help enhance their operational performance, optimize skills and resources, implement streamlined financial business processes, standardize reporting practices and anticipate environmental changes to enable sustainable support for the organization’s mission.

Organizational and change management consulting

We enable organizational change largely focused on the human dimensions of business transformation, including reorganization, change management, customer experience, talent management, skills development and HR policy improvement. 


We leverage technology to offer government leaders the business and technical expertise needed to advance and transform agency operations, enabling agile workforce development, innovative process improvement and secure data sharing and analysis.