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    A full-featured call-center solution

    CGI Atlas360 powers the full range of contact center processes, including  customer contacts, call center operations and call routing and queuing, all to provide robust business office outsourcing for outstanding customer care. 

    The tool uses generative AI and natural language processing (NLP), to quickly compose appropriate email responses to incoming inquires and for call center support.

    Agencies spend, on average, $800 million a year on their contact centers. CGI Atlas360 drives response time down and customer satisfaction up.

      CGI Atlas360 Capabilities

      A more complete list of CGI Atlas 360’s capabilities:

      • Customer contacts
      • Call center operations
      • Call routing and queuing
      • Shipment processing and tracking
      • Employee administration services
      • Customer scheduling

      And, financial services management, including:

      • Project accounting
      • Payment processing services
      • Payment processing and tracking
      • Business and financial records management
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