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Helping governments build and connect applications to better serve the public

The CGI EngageHub platform enables government and non-profit agencies to build, publish, and connect applications at speed, for any domain, to better serve the public. Our platform provides state and local governments and non-profits the building blocks needed to easily compose online apps, supplying automated and analytical capabilities without technical complexities. CGI EngageHub will:

  • Increase business agility
  • Decrease time to market
  • Improve constituent engagement 

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How CGI serves the public sector

CGI has built deep public sector domain expertise, process knowledge, and best practices through over 40 years of delivering technology and consulting services for state and local government. We understand the unique needs of government and have a proven track record of helping agencies across the U.S. improve citizen services and increase efficiency through successful digital transformation programs.

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state and local government leaders are looking to innovative solutions to reduce costs and relieve staff burden
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CGI EngageHub Core Capabilities

Build digital apps

CGI EngageHub allows state and local governments and non-profits to digitally transform their manual processes, making services more accessible and efficient.  This provides solutions that lower costs of ownership, improve operations, enhance integrity in the data and provide an avenue for continuous improvement.

Pre-built app templates

CGI EngageHub provides an accelerated approach to value through a vast array of pre-built, domain-specific app templates. Get a head start with easily configurable apps to meet your organizational goals.

Data marketplace

CGI EngageHub provides access to our cloud-based data marketplace, allowing our customers to enrich their internal data sets with curated external data – building trust and promoting transparency.

Actionable data insights

CGI EngageHub offers a robust data analytics environment that provides our customers with decision-making insights into their operations through the use of dashboards and data visualizations that track, analyze and display KPIs, metrics and other critical data points.

Robust security

CGI EngageHub offers our customers the ability to implement a single sign-on (SSO) solution.  Our platform manages security using a unified security environment with access control across all the apps in our customer's ecosystem.  We also provide real-time auditing of data and events and enhanced governance activities to ensure data is encrypted, secure, and always protected.