Bringing rigor to agile with the LADx pivot framework

We partner with our clients to build and align programs to deliver solutions and products with faster time to value. We bring strategy consulting, design thinking, and deep technical expertise to drive innovative and measurable results for our clients.

Our LADx framework helps organizations understand business complexities and design solutions from the earliest stages of a project. When we apply our LADx framework to teams working on strategic programs, we see increased communication, adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement and rapid and flexible responses to change. This ‘agile at scale’ approach enables digital transformation and business agility by maximizing product innovation and team performance opportunities.

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Agile fluency

Our experts consult with clients to understand strategic goals and bring agile fluency to legacy or greenfield solutions.

Pivot strategic planning

We help our clients build a pivot strategy with a roadmap and a tactical plan that aligns product strategy with the LADx pivot. CGI LADx implementations are highly disciplined, high fidelity, and cost-efficient.

Enterprise agility

Our experts partner with client teams to optimize integration, collaboration, alignment, and communication. Example collaboration opportunities include enterprise-wide portfolio Agile Release Train (ART) pivots, mitigating cross-portfolio dependencies and better alignment.

Global agile delivery model

We enable teams with certified agile practitioners who provide excellent technical and agile leadership skills. We can provide complete agile teams or supplement client teams with strategic roles and distributed agile delivery capabilities that leverage our global delivery centers.

Coaching and training

CGI agile experts are available to train diverse teams to align around common goals. We help our clients develop agile leaders and change agents within their organizations. Our unique training materials and skills enablement help leaders pivot from modern management to lean agile leadership.

Scaled Agile

As the first Scaled Agile Global Transformation Partner, CGI has extensive experience in providing transformational consulting, implementation, coaching and training services to help enterprises and organizations integrate the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) into daily operations.

The value our business agility experts deliver

CGI experts create, test and deploy lean, agile, and DevOps methods and processes that deliver high-fidelity, scalable change at some of our largest clients. We see these clients shifting their focus from solely agile to the full LADx spectrum, where all agile, lean, and DevOps approaches are delivered simultaneously to drive sustainable digital transformation. We partner with your team to:

  • Accelerate software delivery
  • Improve engagement with effective business IT alignment
  • Increase productivity with reduced cost
  • Enhance delivery predictability with a better portfolio roadmap
  • Create built-in quality with every released capability
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Learn more about our business agility services

Ready to learn more about our business agility services and our expertise in your industry? Connect with our team to learn how we help clients with enterprise agility and adopt the processes and frameworks needed to develop transformative solutions.