Jodi Gornick is an IT professional with 23+ years of experience leading teams, driving product development and defining architecture requirements to support development activities across the system delivery life cycle.  Over the past few years, Jodi has focused on building and delivering CGI’s Application Services Optimization Program that supports governance, standardization and automation across CGI globally for all Engineering Enablement tooling and activities. With a platform that supports over 25,000 users worldwide, Jodi understands the importance of process, enablement and having tools that support the business.

Jodi helps clients develop a DevOps mindset, a strong culture, and enablement of technical practices through understanding all the factors, such as strategy, vision, and thought leadership, that make an engineering enablement journey successful. Her expertise can drive and facilitate communication, integration, automation, and cooperation among all the people needed to bring a value stream to life through continuous exploration, integration, and deployment pipelines that provide value to clients and businesses.