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Headshot of Laurence Hart
Laurence Hart

Bringing 'shadow IT' into the light: Citizen development governance as guardrails

January 16, 2023 Shadow IT is evolving into citizen development, thanks to agencies and other organizations that recognize the value of the resulting tools and apply governance to mitigate risk.

John Nemoto
John Nemoto

Enabling smart data sharing to strengthen cyber posture at civilian agencies

December 8, 2022 Note: This article first appeared on Federal News Network For many years, federal agencies treated data as something to guard at all costs, resulting in redundant and disconnected systems across government. Things have changed in recent years. The world’s health...

CGI will help prepare the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for emerging cyber threats, including implementing new processes and technologies to help the NRC evolve their security posture.

David Crawford, CGI Federal
David Crawford

How CDM concepts can aid a zero trust transition

October 28, 2022 The CDM program was not initially established as a zero trust solution. However, CDM provides some foundational elements that align directly with risk management and zero trust efforts.

Christine Horwege, CGI
Christine Horwege

How to bridge the cyber gap: Mentoring strategies for the next generation

October 24, 2022 The U.S. faces thousands of vacancies in cybersecurity jobs. Identifying non-traditional candidates and mentoring them can help fill those gaps.

Christine Horwege, CGI
Christine Horwege

Beyond cyber: How a Red Team can power an interdisciplinary approach to security assessments

October 11, 2022 In CGI’s 2022 Voice of Our Clients report, leaders across the globe cited cybersecurity as the top trend affecting their ability to deliver on the mission. Threats come from many directions in the operating environment: from people, processes and technology...

Prabhakar Kanapala, CGI Federal
Prabhakar Kanapala

Balancing Agile and cybersecurity implementation

October 5, 2022 Agile development and integrated software security might seem like natural counterparts. However, there are ways to integrate them into a single secure Agile process.