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Our 40 years of insurance experience includes policy, claims and billing system implementations across the globe and the development of innovative solutions such as CGI Ratabase, the industry’s leading rating and product configuration software. Our end-to-end IT and business process services and solutions for P&C insurers, life insurers and healthcare payers, are driving results around the country and across the globe.

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Powerful insurance solutions:

  • Ratabase® – the industry’s leading calculation and rating engine
  • Ratabase 9 SP1 – Ratabase 9 Service Pack 1 (SP1) includes new features suggested through our Client Innovation Program
  • Ratabase EMMA –  provides coordination, validation, and synchronization between Ratabase Product Builder and Ratabase Production
  • Ratabase Exchange – an end-to-end pricing solution that provides integration to your distribution channels and “on board” data services that you can enable quickly and easily​​​​​
  • Ratabase Output Designer – enables the design and maintenance of professional output pages from Ratabase Product Builder
  • Regulatory and Statistical Reporting – a complete, fully managed service to take the burden of statistical and regulatory reporting off your hands 
  • Mainframe migration service – a legacy system modernization platform that allows carriers to move quickly from the mainframe to a modern technology platform without a lengthy replacement project

Learn more about our global solutions for property and casualty (P&C), life insurance and healthcare payers.