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Harness data analytics and technology to advance insurance processes

Insurance companies face challenges due to changing demographics, evolving consumer needs, competition from new players, and economic instability. To stay ahead, companies need to embrace innovation, planning for the future of insurance.

CGI offers a comprehensive strategic roadmap to transform the business and provides support throughout the implementation process. Our roadmap is designed to help insurance companies increase organizational efficiency, reduce cost and improve their customer experience.

Helping life and annuity insurers transform their business

We provide comprehensive life insurance services and solutions that drive transformation, competitiveness, and profitable growth for life insurers. With our extensive experience managing large-scale life insurance transformation programs, we collaborate with the industry’s top software vendors to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Our industry-certified experts offer end-to-end IT and business process management services to ensure the success of core life insurance solutions. Our solutions help life insurers reinvent products, attract and retain loyal customers, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve risk management, evolve legacy systems, optimize business intelligence, and leverage new technologies.

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Data and analytics

For insureres, managing and analyzing large amounts of data is a time intesive and complex process. Our services and solutions transform how insurers deal with data, including policyholder information, claims data, and financial data, offering analytics-based underwriting, data-driven claims processing and data management.


Our teams help insurers leverage automation to optimize workflows, improve customer experience and speed up processes. We help your team streamline operations, from underwriting to compliance, resulting in faster and more accurate decision-making.

Risk and regulatory compliance and data security

Staying compliant with regulations and assessing the risks associated with insurance operations is a considerable undertaking. We support life and annuity insurers in managing these risks through cybersecurity offerings and data security measures while leveraging our insurance industry expertise to stay on top of regulatory changes and emerging risks.

Digital ecosystems

Advancements in digital technology have raised the bar for customer service expectations in the insurance industry. We assist life and annuity insurers in developing a comprehensive digital modernization strategy. This includes identifying appropriate solutions, technologies, and platforms, such as mobile apps, self-service portals, cloud integration, and chatbots.


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