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Lacy Perry
Lacy Perry

How technology aided the Afghan evacuation and resettlement

January 7, 2022 Technology played a key role in evacuating Afghans and Americans from Afghanistan prior to U.S. troop withdrawal, and the experience provided lessons learned for future operations.

By Michael Acton Almost 30 years ago, in a background brief called Digitization and the Modern Battlefield, the Association of the U.S. Army asserted that conversion to digital communications would be imperative if the Army is to maintain technological superiority...

The work includes improving integration, information sharing and information safeguarding through technology management, application management, system integration and development, and business process management solutions.

In 2020, we conducted in-person interviews with 58 client executives across 6 countries, who indicate a continued focus on protecting through cybersecurity. Interviews were conducted before and after the pandemic declaration by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11...

Dr. James Peake
James Peake

5 critical investments for the Army of the future

October 9, 2019 This year’s AUSA theme, “America’s Army: Ready Now, Investing in the Future,” sets an appropriate tone for the crossroads at which the Army sits today.

In 2019, we conducted in-person interviews with 64 client executives in defense and intelligence who cite IT modernization as their top trend and IT priority and cybersecurity as the top business priority, with getting better insight from data about security...

Thomas Krall
Thomas Krall

How 9/11 crystallized the urgency of data sharing

September 9, 2019 In a way, you could say my journey to a new career at CGI took nearly 18 years. It started on a beautiful September Tuesday morning in Manhattan in 2001—a day in history that altered my path, as it also...