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Kelly Keller

Navigating the maze: choosing the right solution integrator for your organization’s systems implementation

June 19, 2024 In the ever-evolving technology landscape, organizations constantly find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to implementing new systems. One crucial decision they face is whether to leverage a "solution integrator" for this task. This blog aims to dissect the...

When designing a system, implementing customizations to a digital solution can help a business efficiently solve today’s problems. However, this becomes a complex issue when multiple business lines need to use the system. With this in mind, how does an...

Today, organizations generate massive amounts of documents and metadata across their many lines of business. As they modernize, the need to clean up, classify and migrate this information to new systems efficiently has intensified. Introducing CGI IntelliMigrate360 The CGI IntelliMigrate360...

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Atharva Manjrekar

Leveraging machine learning and XAI to forecast and understand data

July 13, 2023 With the growth of machine learning models, we have seen these provide unparalleled performance when predicting and forecasting outcomes from our data. Moreover, with the implementation of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), we can now understand how these models make predictions...

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Atharva Manjrekar

How data science can help overcome imbalanced data

July 13, 2023 In the healthcare industry, one primary concern when doing research or creating a machine learning model to improve patient care is handling imbalanced data. For example, most individuals do not suffer from heart failure yearly, which is excellent. However, when...

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Douglas Vargo

Automation in life sciences can speed innovation while lowering costs

May 24, 2023 Life sciences companies are no strangers to change, but the past several years have presented unprecedented challenges to the industry. As we’ve seen through the CGI Voice of our Clients interviews, the pandemic accelerated trends that were already underway, particularly...

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Aaron Tenenbaum

Using FDA’s Computer Software Assurance guidance to improve innovation and quality in life sciences

October 19, 2022 For several years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the life sciences industry have collaborated to develop guidelines for improving quality best practices in validating computer systems and harmonizing with international standards. The FDA’s release of the CSA...