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Michael Petersen

Adopting AI in insurance: A strategic framework

June 10, 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the buzz right now; from watercoolers to boardrooms, the topic is on everyone's minds. Advocates tout incredible productivity gains and cost savings that can be achieved with AI. On the flip side, AI risks are...

Ratabase Actuarial enables enhanced decision-making through simulation and analysis, increasing pricing accuracy and speeding up the product innovation life cycle. To grow and remain competitive, insurers need to quickly bring innovative products to market while continuously modifying existing products to...

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Rekha Terway

Navigating change: Why managed services make sense for insurance carriers

February 27, 2024 Insurers of all sizes looking to optimize spending or grow rapidly, managed services emerge as an appealing option to drive transformation. Learn more.

Insurance pricing is core to carriers’ success. Ratabase360 is an insurance rating and product configuration solution designed to modernize insurance pricing. Ratabase360 increases speed to market and accelerates pricing and product innovation through modern rating technology that empowers your business...

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3 key transformative challenges to embrace with AI and data

October 18, 2023 For insurance enterprises, adopting new technology impacts front- and back-end users. As with any change, challenges often arise as your workforce and customers become accustomed to new ways of working and interacting with the business. Let’s explore a few of...

At CGI, we understand the pressure insurers are experiencing to accelerate their digital journeys. We also understand that this catalyst for change brings unique opportunities to drive innovation, create new business models and improve the customer experience.

How differentiated and seamless is your customer’s digital experiences? CGI’s Insurance Innovation Lab can drive this process and help you sharpen your digital strategies or bring new offerings to life rapidly.