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October 23-25, 2023 Meet with our experts at NetApp INSIGHT to discover how we can empower you to unlock the full potential of cloud, faster.

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Kevin Cool

Who’s the boss? Management must understand real Scrum in order to lead organizational change

November 15, 2021 Whether characterized on tv or in our own experiences in the workplace, more often than not, we’ve all seen the depiction of the quintessential boss…stoic, demanding, measuring…resulting in the tattered employee…taking orders from the top down with little to no...

The ability to deliver innovative digital services rapidly and with reliable quality requires access to secure, agile, scalable and highly available IT. Together, CGI and NetApp work closely with clients to plan and deploy well-defined DevOps strategies. By tightly integrating...

Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

Is your business ready to be agile? A closer look at business agility maturity

December 22, 2020 Agile practices have been around for close to three decades. They started in the IT industry, but are now a key skillset used in marketing, HR, R&D and even in the boardroom. A new term is being coined called business...

DevOps practices such as continuous integration, automated testing, continuous delivery and continuous deployment are increasingly helping federal agencies speed up software delivery. Agile development methodology is common in the federal government now, and DevOps is accelerating the pace even more...

Steven Lacroix
Steven Lacroix

Gaining enterprise agility: charting a course for transformation with agile at scale and LADx

January 6, 2020 Organizations are looking to get to a new place – applying digital technology to redefine their business models – yet many are still stuck using methodologies that date back to folding paper maps and car stereos with tape decks.

CGI’s holistic and balanced DevOps Reference Model provides a blueprint for high-performing IT organizations. It balances the five key dimensions of governance, culture, metrics, process and architecture, and tools.