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Steven Lacroix

As an IT professional with more than 20 years of experience in leading and managing all aspects, groups and silos in the software delivery life cycle, Steve has seen the impact of digital transformation up close where success factors have less to do with technologies used and more to do with an organization’s ability to fully embrace a digital mindset. He’s focused recently on helping clients advance their digital transformation journey in the areas of lean agile, DevOps and quality engineering transformations. Steve’s experience includes managing agile and DevOps transformation engagements for Fortune 500 companies; culture change, tools and process adoption; Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) contributor, implementations, methods and training; application and solution architecture in traditional data center, cloud and hybrid scenarios; and leading development, quality assurance and production support.

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Avoiding the agile spiral: business agility isn’t child’s play

March 10, 2020 The upside of a downward spiral Downward spirals can be great. Having spent many afternoons with my three-year old at the neighborhood playground, I can attest to how much fun going down the same twisty slide over and over for an hour can be. Well, at least it’s fun for a toddler. When it ...

Gaining enterprise agility: charting a course for transformation with agile at scale and LADx

January 6, 2020 Organizations are looking to get to a new place – applying digital technology to redefine their business models – yet many are still stuck using methodologies that date back to folding paper maps and car stereos with tape decks.

The fast without the furious: A lean agile approach to quality engineering

June 15, 2018 If you’ve been anywhere near a movie theater in the past two decades, you’re probably familiar with (if not a fan of) the $5 billion franchise The Fast and The Furious. All the sudden-turning, hard-shifting and adrenaline-pumping action is great for the big screen, but for those of us who don’t live ...