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Michael Dougherty

Meet the new PMO—same as the old PMO?

February 3, 2021 U.S. federal agencies, like the private sector, have been adopting new Agile scaling frameworks and ways of working to make product development more responsive to evolving business and technical needs for better outcomes.

Bryan Hall CGI Federal
Bryan Hall

Reinventing software development in federal IT

October 23, 2020 In the shifting world of federal IT, complicated recently by the global pandemic, federal agency IT shops are pressed to re-imagine processes and methodologies to maintain the performance standards of in-person operations and then to improve service delivery. For decades...

Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

The U.S. Constitution is a lean and agile framework for government

September 10, 2020 When I am not studying businesses and working to encourage lean and agile principles, I read history and study the various forms of government societies have experimented with. Though politics is always a dangerous field to tread in I thought...

To support the reopening of economies and society, governments in many countries gradually are lifting restrictions imposed during the first phase of the pandemic crisis. As business owners prepare to restart or launch operations, they must navigate a new “business...

Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

Conducting lean and agile planning at scale in a completely virtual world

April 22, 2020 Many agile IT initiatives are going on right now to improve systems that support the front lines of fighting this pandemic, and the economic challenges that come with it. So, how can these efforts move forward most effectively in a...

Philip van Sickel
Philip van Sickel

Leading through crisis: Lean agile principles are necessary now more than ever

April 22, 2020 Now is not the time to pull back on agile. The ability to pivot to changing markets and world events is more important now than ever.

Leaders are embracing new ways of thinking and working not only to respond during this critical time, but also to emerge from it stronger than before.