When Virginia’s Department of Social Services (VDSS) moved to modernize the legacy system supporting its Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE), it built upon a longstanding culture of public sector innovation.

Government partnerships built to last

CGI was chosen to modernize VDSS’ decades-old, legacy technology, utilizing its CGI Transcend™ for Child Support solution, a platform designed to meet the unique requirements of state human services agencies.

Today, CGI’s expertise is helping Virginia drive critical innovation in health and human services and improve outcomes for children and families across the Commonwealth. Virginia families participating in child support programs will soon experience innovative and user-friendly technology with simplified processes, streamlined sign-up forms, and automated entry designed to expedite timelines for receiving support.

For DCSE staff, a new, intuitive interface will incorporate built-in AI, machine learning, and analytics to help direct attention to the most urgent cases. They can also leverage data to identify underserved populations and communities, increase participation and engagement of families, and ultimately better shape child support policies and practices. 

For VDSS and other child welfare organizations, CGI Transcend integrates seamlessly with external systems and helps agencies harness their data to make more informed decisions about evolving citizen services and operations. Moreover, with diversity, equity, and inclusion as a foundational design, the platform captures REaL (race, ethnicity, and language) data and provides agencies with real-time data and analytics to address bias and promote data equity.

“CGI’s vast experience and industry-leading capabilities will support our digital transformation and provide a more positive experience that will engage parents, benefit case managers, and elevate families.”

- Craig Burshem, Deputy Commissioner of State Programs at VDSS

Health and human services: looking towards the future

Beyond Virginia, the implementation of CGI Transcend reflects a broader government sector shift toward software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that offer child support agencies faster deployment, automatic updates and enhanced security, while reaping cost savings and unlocking unparalleled flexibility for future advancements. With a low-code configuration – built on Salesforce and compatible with industry-leading solutions such as Snowflake – solutions like CGI Transcend also allow for easier, faster, and lower cost changes when federal and state laws and rules change. 

Meanwhile, CGI’s partnership with Virginia is poised to deliver a unified solution designed to improve the citizen experience for many Virginians. With a track record of partnering with states for more than 40 years in child support and 30 years in child welfare modernization efforts, CGI is leveraging its network of experts to reimagine government IT possibilities. The team at CGI is applying decades of know-how, and investing in a solution that will bring a long-awaited digital transformation – helping to engage parents, benefit case managers, and elevate the quality of services provided to Virginia’s families.

CGI in Virginia

CGI's roots in the Commonwealth run deep with its U.S. head office based in Fairfax and more than 4,000 professionals working in Virginia. 

  • Since 2005, CGI has operated an IT delivery center in Lebanon, employing more than 370 professionals and generating an economic impact to Southwest Virginia of $68.5 million per year.
  • In 2018, CGI expanded its Richmond presence with a $1 million office renovation, and today, it has more than 70 professionals living and working in the area.

These investments and others continue to support Virginia’s innovative use of technology, including a historic partnership to launch the award-winning eVA procurement system – a solution that provides a centralized, online purchasing hub for state and local agencies and those who provide essential goods and services. Since its launch in 2001, the eVA system has processed 12.5 million purchase orders worth $156 billion while serving 169 state-level entities and agencies and more than 1,000 local jurisdictions.