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Empowering case workers with efficient, data-driven, child support solutions

Across the country states are grappling with inflexible legacy systems that rely heavily on manual processes, making it impossible to efficiently deliver quality child support services, including financial and medical support. CGI’s child support and technology experts have built solutions that empower child support case workers to deliver services efficiently to the children and families who need them most. 

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Delivering high-quality, modern child support solutions 

CGI's child support solutions are built using modern, cloud-based technology platforms that are easily configured and can be implemented more quickly than transfer or custom-built solutions. Additionally, CGI has embedded robust and flexible analytic capabilities in our child support solutions as we know that easy access to high-quality data is critical to empower child support caseworkers to deliver high-quality services.

Configure-first approach

A configuration-first approach allows the state's child support program experts to make changes that keep the system functionality current without the need of CGI or professional developers, resulting in a lower maintenance cost.

Automate the mundane

Our solutions have the ability to configure multiple workflows and focus on intelligent automation which eliminates mundane tasks while supporting the equitable treatment of citizens.

Imbedded analytics

Analytics are integrated into the core solution, allowing users to take advantage of data insights that can be leveraged to guide workflow or call attention to non-policy conforming behaviors.

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly design that facilitates robust communications among child support case workers, parents, and employers.

million cases managed
years engaged with states on child support programs
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