Delivering critical services to help vulnerable populations is an ongoing challenge for health and human services professionals. The job becomes even harder when the existing technology is outdated, not user-friendly, and hinders rather than supports the process. In the end, the level of service suffers.

Innovative technology that would truly make a difference must: utilize data to automate repetitive policy-compliant tasks, identify and highlight cases that need immediate attention, provide enhanced workload management support for users, and enable uninterrupted delivery when programs and policies evolve. And even beyond data-driven solutions, health and human service organizations need IT service providers that have walked in their shoes – who have hands-on experience as case managers and agency leaders. This experience is invaluable in guiding technologists in implementation projects that don’t just deliver technology but deliver the life-changing outcomes case managers strive for and residents, children and families deserve.

CGI delivers services and solutions that help human service professionals deliver quality, timely, equitable services for customers. We define success by your success. We meet you where you are and, as a trusted partner, help raise your level of service.

CGI is excited to announce our future-generation solution for state and local government. Our human services experts have married their experience on the agency side with the latest technology and equity research to build CGI Transcend – our modern, data-driven, feature-rich, purpose-built transformational platform for human service solutions and applications.

Key capabilities

  • Child welfare expertise, services offerings and technology implementation experience
  • Child support services and CGI Transcend for Child Support – our solution built for child support programs by child support experts
  • Modular, incremental modernization approach for complex systems
  • Business process management for applications on client premises or in the cloud
  • Master data management and analytics to support customer-centric services

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Child using stethoscope on a doctor