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Delivering integrated healthcare demands a different approach

Medicaid leaders today require a 360-degree view of the people they serve, so it's not surprising that legacy technologies and traditional approaches are no longer able to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s programs. Agencies must begin to think differently about how to overcome challenges—utilizing new, agile technologies—to meet the demands of current and future systems. This is especially true in how we think about data.  Forward-thinking agencies recognize that a flexible and enterprise-wide way of accessing data is critical to providing coordinated, integrated care across health disciplines. 

Whole person health: enabled by leading technology

CGI has an established track record for delivery with more than 25 years of experience partnering with Health and Human Services agencies to modernize and drive transformation. As pioneers in the industry, we’ve reimagined the possibilities, applied our know-how, and invested in our shared success to bring clients lasting solutions for the citizens they serve. By leveraging our industry and IT expertise, strategic use of data, and purpose-built solutions, states can rely on CGI as a strategic partner to manage their IT and modernization initiatives so they can focus on business impact – equitably improving Medicaid services.

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Trusted partner

Working in partnership, we become an extension of your team to design solutions, create executable plans, and deliver outcomes and results that solve your challenges.


We believe that technology should enable achieving program and policy objectives and be determined only after the business need is fully understood.

Client proximity

Our client-proximity model empowers local teams to understand your context and build strong, trusted, in-person relationships, and ensure accountability for delivering client success.


Continuing to do things the same way will lead to the same outcomes. Where the status quo is not meeting the need, we challenge things with pragmatic innovation.