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Elissa Goad

Navigating the AI landscape: practical applications for state and local government

April 25, 2024 Like your favorite mystery novel, following the twists and turns of artificial intelligence (AI) can prove elusive. How can state and local government organizations distill AI concepts into actionable solutions in this landscape of continuous growth, with new solutions coming...

CGI today announced its selection by the County of Los Angeles for the modernization of the County’s financial, budget, inventory, payroll and human resources (HR) systems through deployment of CGI Advantage,® an advanced ERP platform that will improve efficiency, strengthen...

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Jennifer Ricker

State finance leaders are embracing the new wave of government modernization

April 12, 2024 Government leaders across the country are seeking opportunities to improve services and implement new technologies to modernize operations while remaining responsible stewards of tax dollars.

A robust time and attendance solution helps public sector organizations increase operational efficiency while accurately enforcing complex payroll rules. With ever-increasing technological advancements, government organizations seek solutions that enable intuitive access to key information and simplify time entry. The unique...

Elissa Goad professional photo
Elissa Goad

Modern OCM: A people-centric approach to government modernization

April 4, 2024 Did you know your skin's entire surface is replaced every month? That means we wear around 1,000 different skins in our lifetime, constantly transforming. Whether it's a biological process like our skin cells or a work-related project like an ERP...

CGI today announced it has been awarded a contract by the State of Nevada for an upgrade of the state’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems with CGI Advantage®, a cloud-based solution that integrates financial, personnel and performance data in a...

Ivan Beraha
Ivan Beraha

Waiting for digital transformation in government

March 11, 2024 Watching the famous Becket's play Waiting for Godot is painful, not in the craftsmanship of the prose or theatrical merits, but in the knowledge that Didi and Gogo (the main characters) are on their own, and the fictional Godot will...