The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way government organizations managed travel and expenses. As agencies emerge from the disruption, they are revisiting their travel and expense management strategies.

During the pandemic, government organizations had to quickly identify essential positions, review existing regulations, and enforce new travel rules and restrictions to ensure the safety of their employees and the general public. As the post-pandemic landscape evolves, public sector organizations are returning to pre-pandemic operations. Flexible, user-friendly, and innovative travel and expense management solutions help streamline this transition and ensure effectiveness in the future.

CGI Advantage Travel and Expense Management increases efficiency and maintains compliance

Implementing new or updating existing policies while managing the unique needs of various employee groups can be tedious and time-consuming for state and local government organizations. While many organizations envision a travel and expense management solution that enforces rules, promotes employee engagement, and provides real-time access to relevant information, they are limited by a system that is difficult to configure or not optimized for mobile.

At CGI, our solutions have been shaped by the unique needs of public sector organizations. CGI Advantage Travel and Expense Management is built specifically for public sector organizations and is supported by powerful, modern technology. With a dynamic user experience, mobile capabilities, and intuitive access to manage pre-trip authorizations, advances, and expenses, our customers see a measurable increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, automated expense calculations increase workforce efficiency while robust analytics provide real-time information to support informed decision-making at the executive and travel administrator levels.

Empower your organization with a modern solution

CGI Advantage Travel and Expense Management minimizes unnecessary spending by enforcing client-specific travel policies, processing automated calculations, and supporting optional advance payments. Flexible approval routing can be based on dollar thresholds and expense types, allowing increased levels of review where necessary.

When coupled with the solution’s user-centric experience for the traveler and travel administrator, these controls empower organizations to reduce strain on their back-office staff while successfully managing and monitoring their operations. As a part of our unified solution, CGI Advantage Travel and Expense Management works seamlessly with CGI Advantage Financial Management to ensure budget rules are validated in real-time and all travel related expenses are managed efficiently.

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