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Built-for-government debt collections 

CGI Advantage Collections combines proven business processes, state-of-the-art technology and managed services to support all aspects of debt management operations. By providing a full-service collection capability that complements existing operations, Advantage Collections helps government agencies collect more delinquent debt - faster and at the lowest cost. Our collections solution helps your team: 

  • Achieve more predictable costs 
  • Reduce risk and time to implementation 
  • Shift responsibility to a skilled and experienced service provider
  • Integrate many systems and processes, allowing staff to focus on revenue-generating activities 

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Helping  governments address key debt collection 

Experience and expertise

CGI’s industry leading government collection tools and subject matter experts help clients achieve dramatic increases in revenue.

Proven results

CGI’s government collection clients have certified revenue increases of more than $6.9 billion, and this figure grows monthly. Our results-driven performance is achieved without losing quality as demonstrated by consistently high client customer satisfaction. 

Compliant, flexible and insight-driven

Updates to our collections IP keep the solution up to date with regulatory compliance and incorporates new features identified through client feedback, technology advances, and market changes. 

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Features of our public sector collections solution

Our debt collections is a flexible, rules-based collections solution that has pioneered the use of automated workflows and the consolidation of collecting on multiple debt types. The solution organizes the complete delinquent debt portfolio according to user-configured business rules.


Business rules management and visual tools for workflow

Evaluates the characteristics of the case based on user-configured rules to control the automated flow and assignment of cases to and from work queues.

Automated case creation and assignment

Automatically assesses newly delinquent accounts, creates collections cases or adds to an existing case and assigns them to the appropriate work queue.

Debtor self-service

Debtors can check their balances and set up payment agreements online on a 24/7 basis, increasing the likelihood of successful resolution. Self-service agreements are proven to have a lower default rate than using traditional collectors to place calls.

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Automated legal actions

Robust functionality is devoted to generating and processing legal actions, including judgments, liens, levies, or license holds. As a result, the government can automate the issuance of administrative levies and garnishments after debtor due process has been provided.

Automated correspondence

Applies a set of management-defined rules and automatically sends appropriate letters and notices. Correspondence can also be generated manually by users.

Payment arrangements and monitoring

Extensive functionality to document and monitor promises to file and promises to pay. Promises to pay can be entered as a single, two-part, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment agreement.

Security and audit

Each collection action for a case is recorded in a separate activity entry to provide a complete audit trail. This includes activity history for both system-generated as well as collector actions.

Integration services

Automatically monitors for external events and processes them according to configurable rules. Examples of external events include an additional period becoming newly delinquent, the remittance of a payment or a bad check, or the identification of an asset source, which would prioritize the case for work. These transactions trigger Advantage Collections to re-evaluate the case and place it in the appropriate work queue.

Account management

Provides complete collections account management, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, interest calculation, etc. or can integrate with an existing account management solution.