Unified budget process

Whether your organization has centralized or decentralized budget planning needs, you will reduce errors created by manual data entry and increase efficiency with our unified solution.


Internal transparency throughout the budget cycle

With clear visibility throughout your budgeting process, your organization will not only benefit from unmatched transparency but will also gain end-to-end auditability, increasing compliance.


Outcome focused

Leverage performance measures and plans to support prioritization, better understand the drivers of a budget request and track overall outcome progress.

Learn more about highlighted solution areas below, including Salary and Benefit Forecasting, Performance Measures, Project Budgeting and more.

Salary and Benefit Forecasting

Leverage Human Capital Management data to develop highly accurate estimates of the impact of personnel-related budgetary changes. Proactively create forecasts throughout your annual budget process and incorporate future-dated information, such as step increases, to gain a comprehensive view of the future.

Salary and benefit forecasting
Performance measures

Performance Measures

Establish performance measures and milestones to support organization-wide strategic performance planning and benchmarking. Leverage interactive dashboards and scorecards to share your organizational progress and outcomes.

Project Budgeting

Simplify your project budgeting experience with intuitive project budget management. Gain end-to-end visibility of your project as it progresses and transform the way you budget with a robust toolset, including configurable templates.

Project budgeting
Budget formulation

Budget Formulation

Streamline and automate your budget development process now and in the future with configurable budget forms. With the flexibility to define your budget process stages, user access and associated workflows, our solution molds to fit your budget process.

Multi-Year Forecasting

Forecast future revenues and expenditures over multiple years through advanced modeling tools such as linear regression and bell curves. Compare and contrast forecast versions in visual analytics to readily identify trends.

Multi-year forecasting

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