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Most federal agencies work in complex environments and sit on top of massive amounts of data. Decision support tools could sharpen their understanding of the data and guide their course...

Housing mobility programs should involve a detailed assessment of where residents live and why. Authorities also need data and tools to assess program effectiveness.

In a way, you could say my journey to a new career at CGI took nearly 18 years. It started on a beautiful September Tuesday morning in Manhattan in 2001—a...

Affordable housing programs help millions of Americans keep a roof over their heads. Effective administration of these housing programs relies on gathering and analyzing a wide range of data from...

Contract writing solutions (CWS) have enabled federal agencies to make acquisition easier. However, choosing the right one demands conducting a careful and detailed evaluation of the contenders before making a...

The federal CFO office of the future

Kevin Greer

The federal government is undergoing a period of rapid change in how its agencies handle back-office operations, information technology and human resources. These changes affect every aspect of an agency’s...

The art of the integrated back office: a path to shared services

Avanti Patel
Avanti Patel

As shared services and commercial cloud providers contribute to reduced duplicative costs and redundant systems across shared functions, agency leaders are also using integrated financial, acquisition and budget systems environments...

Inclusive web design: An approach to cards

Elizabeth Whitmer
Elizabeth Whitmer

We hear the word “accessible” a lot concerning web design, but I wonder if people fully grasp what it means. When digital content is said to be “accessible,” it means...

Keep up with the CDM program’s evolving strategy

Evan Uhl
Evan Uhl

Federal civilian agencies are increasingly realizing that the Department of Homeland Security’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program is the cybersecurity strategy of their future. As such, information technology (IT)...

How life stages clarify Agile maturity

Neelesh Katiyar
Neelesh Katiyar

The Agile methodology maturity level scale indicates how agile an organization’s methodology actually is, ranging from a minimal level of small steps up to a complete, top-to-bottom implementation of agile...