Government response to a disaster is critical to human lives – and the public’s perception of government management. When a President declares a national disaster, affected states are required to develop action plans to receive federal funds. These plans must be approved before any funds can be distributed. State grantees must also put in place the infrastructure to manage the program.

At CGI, we have experience working with several states to set up the policies and procedures, as well as the information and financial management systems, required for administering natural disaster programs.

Disaster Recovery Playbook

Based on our experience working with multiple states executing disaster recovery action plans, we have developed a policy and procedures playbook for states to use to expedite program implementation. Features include pre-defined action plan components with pre-loaded options for configuration, templates for policies and procedures along with full-service training and support to set up local intake centers for applicants to apply for grants.

Disaster Recovery Information and Financial Reporting System

CGI has developed a proven, comprehensive disaster recovery information and financial system to support states administering recovery operations. Features include:

  • Program administration and policy information support
  • A comprehensive grant and financial management system with the ability to link to banks and applications for electronic funds disbursement
  • Automated application processing and eligibility determinations
  • Integration with major federal grant management systems to support federal and programmatic reporting requirements
  • Transparency and audit support of application and grant disbursements
  • A cloud-based solution that scales based on usage and consumption