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Reimagining the university experience

Every touchpoint of the higher education journey offers an opportunity to nurture and develop future leaders and societal progress. The key is to re-think the university as we know it yesterday, establishing sustainable, personalized experiences that are relevant and meaningful in every step. Prospective students are digital natives; they expect digitization in higher education environments to empower them with knowledge, creativity, accessibility, and academic excellence. Providing this digital student experience isn't easy, and requires planning, strategy, technology and people. which is where CGI comes in. We are excited to work with your institutions and universities to set you on a path to success. 

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Creating a vision for the future of higher education

Universities have the opportunity to reimagine the higher education experience and inspire the next generation. New learning environments and technologies can be seamlessly integrated to enable a collaborative, sustainable, and safe environment where security, inclusion, and wellness are the basis of the experience for prospective students and alum. While user experience is transformed, the university simultaneously benefits from proactive operations and data that deliver operational excellence and cost efficiency. Our team of experts is excited to help you on this journey.

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Strategy development and innovation

Innovation is tangible and our educations experts, paired with modern platforms create velocity in planning, designing, implementing, and supporting your hyper-automation needs.  Tell us your goals, and we’ll curate the best-in-class technologies and strategies.

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Modern technology advisory

The gap between traditional methodologies and transformative technologies prominently divides education entities into two distinct groups: Operators and Innovators. Operators can quickly become Innovators by having access to a trusted technology advisor accelerates an institution’s design, execution, and support of innovative initiatives.  

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Digital led universities

Our digital led university approach offers education institutions unlimited opportunities to continuously adapt and evolve in the frontline with accessibility, security, and inclusion as the foundation.  We are here to support your digital transformation journey with effective and robust support systems and solutions that your university can rely on to empower and inspire students, staff, and alum.

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Connect with us to learn how our team of education experts partner with your institutions to explore unique strategies and approaches to education. With the higher-ed landscape continuing to shift, we are excited to help your organization explore what is possible, while transforming the user experience. 

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