The need for digital led universities

Users are at the heart of every organization. In the higher education sector, “the user” is a wider range of stakeholders with vastly differing needs, from students and alumni to faculty staff to investors.

As post-pandemic disruptions continue to affect higher education institutions, many innovative leaders have reprioritized their focus to address challenges on:

  • Enrollment
  • End-to-end constituents (students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni) experience
  • The proliferation of emerging technologies
  • Sustainability initiatives
  • Mitigating increased security risks
  • Strategic advisory

How CGI is helping create a world-class university experience 

We support the delivery of consistent, world-class services and experiences that suit the wide-ranging expectations, requirements, and touchpoints of these varying stakeholders at every point throughout their university experience lifecycle.

  • Accessible – inclusivity as standard
  • Personalized – unique interactions tailored to users
  • Cultural and behavioral – training and communication, information and onboarding
  • Omni-channel - cloud-based, advanced toolsets
  • Empowered collaboration – Innovation as a service: automation, chatbots, AI, machine learning