It’s hard to work in support of the federal government and not interact with U.S. military veterans. The CGI team is no exception. As veterans, or family members of those who have served, Blair Vorgang, Monica Winthrop and Errol McEachron all find purpose through their personal military connections. 

Blair Vorgang: Back to his roots

“I get what our troops go through out in the field,” says Blair Vorgang, a vice president in CGI Federal’s Defense, Space and Intelligence business unit. A former Marine who comes from a family of Marines, Blair understands military life deeply.

Blair Vorgang, CGI Federal
Blair Vorgang

“I’ve lost several classmates,” he says. “I’ve lost several friends. My son is the only person to walk away under his own power from an IED attack in Iraq. This work is personal to me.” 

The military is in Blair’s DNA, and he uses the skills he learned while serving in support of the defense sector. “I’m a believer in that you manage things, but you lead people. You lead from the front, and that’s what I try to bring to CGI,” he says. “With such a large organization that’s spread out around the world, you have to show people they are valued, they’re not neglected, and bring them into the totality of your team.” 
Blair and his team proudly support a broad range of defense activities. All of which help our country’s defense agencies execute their missions. 

“I was a Marine officer by trade,” he says. “That’s where I grew up. It’s just part and parcel of what I do.” 

Monica Winthrop: Supporting those who served

As a sector lead focused on agencies that support U.S. military veterans, CGI Federal Senior VP Monica Winthrop sees CGI’s impact on improving the lives of those who served. Even more meaningful? Her grandfather was a World War II veteran who used the services Monica now helps to support. 

Monica Winthrop, CGI Federal
Monica Winthrop

“It gives me a lot of comfort knowing I’m helping an agency that helped my grandfather through his life,” she says. “The flag that was on my grandfather’s casket sits on my mantle at home as a reminder. It gives me great pride in what we do every day.” 

Monica’s day-to-day work supports the transformation of a legacy system that will help veteran-serving agencies do their work more effectively and efficiently. “This in turn really allows those who help our veterans spend more time helping veterans,” she says.

Inspiration is never far for Monica. “We can all get behind our veterans. Supporting those who support our veterans makes you feel good about what you bring to work every day.” 

Errol McEachron: Impact through intelligence

“My kids ask me all the time, ‘Daddy, what do you do for work?’” says CGI Federal Senior VP Errol McEachron, leader of CGI Federal’s U.S. Space and Intelligence sector. 

CGI Errol McEachron, Space & Intelligence lead
Errol McEachron

Errol’s simple answer is one that is also full of contribution and accomplishment. “We provide technology and services to the intelligence community to help them protect our country.” 

Protecting the country is something Errol grew up with as the son of a Marine. “The role I personally play on a project or program is a way to do my part. To give back and support those who served and continue to serve our country and protect our way of life,” he says. 

His work begins and ends with the mission. Errol’s work supports the vast amount of information and data the intelligence community uses in their efforts, which in turn helps policymakers, combat personnel, allies and partners around the world. 

“I’m hopeful we can leave our mark on the U.S. space and intelligence industries, and when it’s all said and done, be recognized as a key partner in the advancement of technology and capabilities that truly made a difference in helping our clients succeed and deliver on their mission,” he says.

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