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Helping to automate the effectiveness and experience of service delivery

From customer contact to fieldwork completion, complex field service and asset- and reliability-centered operations require consolidated data for maximum visibility of operational intelligence. CGI OpenGrid Workforce helps to maximize efficiencies across the organization with measurable and sustainable impacts to:

  • Daily workforce productivity and field performance
  • Short- and long-term planning
  • Visibility, control, and optimization of the entire service delivery life cycle
3 million
work orders processed each year
mobile devices in operation daily
increase in resource productivity

One enterprise approach for a connected and collaborative mobile workforce strategy

  • Flexible and configurable capabilities are how our clients modernize their service delivery operations when, where, and how they need it.
  • Unified process automation for all lines of business, work, and resources is how our clients optimize and consolidate their control room, dispatch, and service operations.
  • Flexible deployment options, limited customization, and improved data quality are how our clients drive better ROI and value from their CGI technology investment.


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Utility worker fixing power lines

Customer service and engagement

Restoration and service delivery is improved,  appointment windows are narrowed and arrival notifications provide immediate status for the customer.

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Control, dispatch and service centers

Operations become centralized with real-time visibility and control of resource and workload capacity planning, workforce assignment, and field work execution.

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Field operations

Field resources gain instant communication with the back-office, customers and each other, resulting in an increase in productivity and focus on customer-centric priorities.


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How can CGI OpenGrid Workforce drive value for your business?

  • Operations and Service Managers can deliver improved service quality and speed, increased asset utilization, and enhance productivity while controlling costs.
  • Field Technicians are empowered with coordinated work, accurate data and real-time communications to streamline efforts to meet customer expectations.
  • IT professionals can leverage simplified integration capabilities, adaptable deployment options, and minimal customization to drive rapid deployment and ROI.
Resource planning

Create and evaluate a variety of scenarios that can balance workload commitments against resource capacity for short, medium, and long-term requirements.

Multi-factor scheduling optimization

Leverage advanced on-demand or day-to-day scheduling with integrated work and route optimization to meet the challenges of workforce capacity and utilization.

Centralized dispatch
Exploit web-enabled capabilities to manage all types of service work, including trouble/outage, service, maintenance, repair, inspection, and construction.
Construction and complex order management
Standardize processes for construction and contractor work management with graphic-driven multi-day complex work scheduling, including as-built field reporting.
Appointment Management
Balance and monitor service appointments against resource availability levels to prevent overbooking and favor call-taker productivity for efficiently processing customer calls.
Field automation
Experience true mobile enablement with CGI OpenGrid Field to digitize work order management and provide field resources with process and data consistency during the entire work order life cycle.

Ready to learn more about CGI OpenGrid Workforce?

CGI OpenGrid Workforce delivers a sliding scale of enterprise-level automation to support the entire service delivery life cycle. Connect with our team to learn how we can help automate the effectiveness and experience of service delivery.