Increase agility and savings with a unique approach to back-office and IT management for E&P companies

Exploration and production (E&P) companies are focusing their IT priorities on becoming more agile and reducing the cost of operations to invest in change. Embracing delivery models such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (ITO) are key enablers for aligning costs with revenues and increasing your business agility.

CGI helps design, build and deliver integrated business solutions across the entire exploration-to-revenue value chain. We manage back office and IT functions so you can focus on your core business and strategic initiatives, such as operational efficiency and M&A activities. Whether you are looking to respond to pricing pressures, optimize use of available funds, or gain a business advantage through innovation, our agile energy solutions support your business goals.

Our CGI AgileEnergy360 solution strategically integrates BPO and ITO services to improve business processes through effective use of technology, through scalable and customized solutions to fit your specific needs. We deliver industry-specific capabilities focused on true mission advantage, while reducing costs, managing risks and improving service to end users.

In this model, CGI takes responsibility for non-core functions such as transaction services (e.g., accounting, land administration, human resources, regulatory and contracts) as well as key supporting IT functions (e.g., service and vendor management, application services, devices/desktops, servers and IT facilities).

We also implement the leading financial and operational systems needed to run an E&P company. Systems can be from CGI, our partners or our clients.

Key areas of opportunity include:

  • Focus on your business. Turning operations over to a proven and trusted partner allows you to rethink how to manage the convergence of production, engineering and financials across the business, from the C suite to the field. This includes opportunities to extend and create new functionality to grow solutions with the business.
  • Mergers & acquisitions: We help you ensure that every acquisition aligns with existing business processes and systems to minimize disruption. We also provide best practices in onboarding as well as divesting.
  • Lower/more predictable costs: This model allows you to convert millions of dollars in capital expenditures to operational expenditures, and spread costs over a multi-year agreement. Our BPO services are proven to reduce client staffing costs by 15%.
  • Flexibility for growth and change: Our best-in-class solution uses industry standard applications to make it easier to integrate with partners and other applications. Secure, cloud-based delivery also makes it easier to scale up or down as needs change.
  • Visibility for better decisions: Dashboards enable a holistic view into your BPO and ITO services, enabling you to better manage your back office costs and performance.